Right! C'mon then, (transvestite content) would you laugh?

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  • Right! C'mon then, (transvestite content) would you laugh?
  • wrightyson

    The good lady and I booked the classic groupon weekend away.
    Picked the venue, arranged the gparents to entertain the kids, chose the weekend. That’ll be this one then!
    So finish work early, roll home, even manage to chuck the bikes in the car as its Lincolnshire its flat you’ll be reet I said!
    Check in to random country type hotel, meet owner, he says “come down to bar tonight it’ll be busy, we don’t normally open this time of year”
    We ignore and walk into “5 mins away” village, 20 mins of “brisk” walk we find genuinely lovely pub, great food and yea for all you real single speeders 5 desperate ales!
    Have a few, and walk back in utter darkness!
    Approach hotel/lodge bar area. Enter, mrs needs a wee, charming, I go to bar. I’m now stood there (solo) with lily savage on my left and hinge and bracket somewhere in the background.
    I freeze and realise that I’m now chock in the middle of a tranny meet!
    One for the grand kids I’m sure!


    Chat to them. You’ll usually find them a good laugh. Just don’t ask for their male names or refer to them as ‘he’.




    I’m struggling to see why you think this is a story you need to tell us all.

    You walked into a bar which had PEOPLE in it. Maybe you could have had an interesting and engaging conversation with some of them. A few might even ride mountain bikes and you could have compared notes on the gnarliest trail you’ve ridden and how much suspension you’ve got.


    I would not laugh I would follows adamW’s advice and have a good laugh …thank god they are not boring …could have been twitchers or stamp collectors.

    Premier Icon davosaurusrex

    Calm down wwpaddler, don’t get your knickers in a twist…..

    Rob Hilton

    5 desperate ales

    Not the kind of place I’d be drinking


    Did you pull?


    You could have found yourself in the middle of a bunch of mountain bikers for christ’s sake. Imagine how boring that would have been?!?


    How good did they look after five pints?


    Takes me back 30 years, all i can say is we all make mistakes.


    Did you post this on STW rather than swingingworld by mistake?

    ‘So, I took my wife to a transvestite meet at a hotel, hoping for some action…’

    Think you missed off the end of the story though.

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    Yes, I’d laugh. Why wouldn’t you? It’s an unusual situation to randomly find yourself in. The comedy is in how the situation contrasts to what you expected which I’d imagine was a romantic quiet English country get away.

    The laugh might even become the ice breaker that starts a conversation.

    I’m guessing they’d be able to tell the difference between laughing at the situation and laughing at them. I assume you meant a brief surprised chuckle rather than rolling on the floor in tears.


    wwpaddler getting offended on someone else’s behalf I think..


    I’d think it was bloody hilarious. But great at the same time. Vive la difference!

    Premier Icon zippykona

    I wouldn’t advise laughing at the man in Hastings in a dress who carries a teddy bear as he is the toughest guy you will ever meet.
    Interesting when out of towners have a go though.

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