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    Are any of the STW collective currently employed as Medics, either on a rig or standby vessel?

    I'm currently looking to do my Medic course and BOSIET. Just wondering if there are any vacancies. I'm a Paramedic in Scotland just now, but fancy something a bit different.

    Also wondering about winchman/medic. Ex RAF Surival Equipment Fitter before becoming a Paramedic.

    Cheers, John

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    I thought this was going to be about bike mechanics 😆

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    LOL…I would also consider that if there are no vacancies. 😕

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    I was under the impression that the rig medics tended to be form a nursing background, as most of the work is Primary care type stuff rather than A&E work. Although I know paramedics can now train for this role, I don't know much more about it than a quick google will tell you!

    RE: winchman jobs, I think its an officers role? I'd quite fancy it, but not sure the Navy/RAF life is for me any more!

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    Paramedics are able to work offshore after completing the course. Bond helicopters operate SAR cover for rigs and use Paramedics as winchmen.
    I was trying to gauge the availability of jobs from someone already employed in the field.

    Cheers, John.

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    If you're wanting offshore medic work, best bet is to have a word with Abermed. They seem to be the only guys out here, and I'd chance it with the experience thing. Everyone quotes requirements of 3+ years, but I think most of the time it's nonsense.

    most of the work is Primary care type stuff rather than A&E work

    Hmmm. With the potential of horrendously gruesome and life-threatening injuries, I'd rather have an A&E type person out here and just MTFU when I have a sore throat.

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    Hi Notlocal, yes, i am on Offshore Medic. Jobs are tough to come by at the moment, especially without offshore experience. Its the usual catch 22, you can only get work if you experience, you can only get experience by getting the work. Your best bet is to look for work with an agency…

    Abermed as above, Offshore Medics or Capita…..or if you're desperate, Frontier Medical, but theyre notorious for poor pay rates. Offshore Medics are good at getting you a first job offshore, but you have to be available to head off within a couple of hours usually.

    Im an RGN, and most of the guys i know are either RGN or ex Army/RAF/Navy CMT's. Paramedics werent allowed for a long time, but i believe that a training school in Plymouth now trains them, as do Capita i think.

    The majority of the work is verrrry tedious, colds and coughs, headaches etc. and you often get lumped with various admin duties – effectively anything that no one else wants you get stuck with! In 4 years i have medevaced only 3 guys – 2 serious hand injuries and 1 Malaria (i work in Africa). Having said that i have known of at least 4 deaths caused by trauma (all in Africa) in the same oilfields where i have been working…never on my rig thank the Lord.

    If you want anymore info email me

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    Thanks guys. I'll fire off some enquiries. Best continue saving for the courses just now, £1500-2300 quoted so far. 😯

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