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  • Lester

    hi all
    im not sure if the spoke in my front wheel which has been broken can actually be replaced, if not, which of these do you think will happen
    1:everything will be 100% ok for ever
    2:the wheel will immediately buckle and collapse
    3:the wheel will run out of true slowly but gradually
    4:the wheel will seem ok, but one day without warning it will just crumple and be unusable
    the wheels are industry nine xc hubs and the spokes are NOT j- pull type

    thanks guys

    Depends what wheels and how many spokes.

    32/36 spoke mtb wheels, will be fine. Just make sure the tension of the other spokes is ok.


    5, your wheel is already buckled, get a new spoke and true

    A front wheel folding on you is not fun. Fix it pronto.


    Been running the rear wheel on my road bike like this for about 800 miles. Whilst the wheel is indeed buckled i’m still alive:


    one of mine has a missing spoke- I really must get round to foxing it but I dont have a black spoke to use

    Not done any massive drops but have done some proper terrain


    its a 32 spoke mountain bike wheel

    the thing is, apparently,if these wheels arent built properly unless they use linseed oil when they screw the spokes in, if not they are rendered useless and they need to be thrown away if anything goes wrong, not even sure if the hub is salvageable 🙁
    so im looking at worse case options

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    Why can’t you get a replacement spoke from your lbs/wherever the wheel came from and get them/ or you to replace it, true the wheel and off you go?

    Edit – these have the spoke thread at the hub. Presumably the nipple is still at the other end, but fixed? Should be as easy as a regular spoke to change?


    6. Other spokes will break prematurely due to the increased tension in the surrounding spokes.

    Unlikely to be anything dramatic, unless you don’t remove the broken spoke, in which case it’ll pick its moment to get itself wrapped around something.


    yes they are threaded at the hub, but loose at the rim end without a nipple.
    where they are threaded through the hub is where they MUST use linseed oil otherwise they cannot be unscrewed, and its near impossible to drill and still keep the thread.
    they were damaged in the post and snapped flush at the hub so there is no end piece to get a pair of pliers or molegrips on.
    my thinking was, if they cannot be repaired, use them until they were unrideable, as long as its reasonably safe to do so, and then have a wheel rebuild,


    I’ve got a 31 spoke rear wheel that I’ve been running for about 2 years on a mountain bike. all the other spokes are fine and it’s still true. I bought the wrong size spokes to fix it twice and got fed up so just left it.
    I still worry about it a bit, but mostly forget it’s broken.


    pdw and brakes

    i think i will take the chance and ride it for a couple of weeks and see if it is more out of true, and take it from there


    I saw a guy this summer riding a DH bike with 4 or 5 snapped, it didnt look like it had just happened either.


    Had a broken spoke on the DH for about 9 months, riding the same stuff I normally do (jumps, drops etc). Wheel has a slight wobble but nothing dramatic. Will probably get around to fixing it before the alps next year. I wouldn’t loose to much sleep over it 😉


    6. You will get cat aids 😯

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