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  • simonm

    I have contacts for rainy days but I find they really alter depth perception badly, at night its worse. Maybe its as I have a slight astigmatism and just have normal contacts…
    So, I just ride with some Oakley 5’s, tried some Rudy insert types but they steam up worse than the fives.
    Its crap really… rainy rides are the worst for glasses.


    I used to use disposables and they’re fine.

    I did recently plump for prescription transitions lenses in semi sporty frames (Oakley 5’s) and wish I’d done it years ago as they’re far more comfortable and ‘nicer’ if that makes sense, but then I normally wear glasses all the rest of the time.


    I have astigmatism and i have a pair of contacts, due to the prescription, -6, they are bespoke, something like £200 a pair. ok they work but i found that the slightest movement such as blinking and the world would go blurry. I can cope on the road but off road the vibration wind etc just no fun.

    Basically gone back to glasses, just got to figure out what the options are now, i have tried Bolle’s in the past and not impressed by the double lenses systems and most of the single wrap arounds i believe go no where near my prescription.

    Same experience as me mrmo.

    Does anyone else know if photochromic or polorised lenses start off clear?

    Been looking at spy optic prescription glasses


    mrmo – I had to compromise on one of the settings to get the 5’s to work with my relatively low (-2.5) prescription.

    I have astigmatism so regular disposables weren’t 100% and the special astigmatism lenses didn’t impress.

    Yes the glasses do steam up and get wet, but a crud catcher / neoguard stop pretty much everyhting, but I’d wear protective glasses anyway as mud in your eye with contacts is painful. Also occassionally blinking out contact lenses is annoying.


    My prescription is -11 and I use Rudy Project Exception frames with the smaller prescription insert. I like them a lot, except in drizzly rain or very humid misty conditions. I’ve looked at contacts but both myself and my optician have decided to steer clear as I was offered 3 month contacts the pain and bruises all round would have made it intolerable for both of us.

    I just wear my old cheap specs and try not to ride in the rain. Going to try and find a specialist contact lens practitioner soon though. (Astigmatism sucks)

Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)

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