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  • Riding the Lincolnshire wolds
  • Premier Icon binarysolo
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    What’s it like around the general Louth area.

    My new job will see me out in Louth quite a bit, and I’d like to fit some riding in if I can.

    I get the impression the Wolds are quite cheeky.

    Premier Icon benjishucksmith
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    Trails are a mess at the minute with all the rain we’ve had. When they are dry they can be good fun.
    Just don’t expect anything technical or steep 😀

    Premier Icon ji
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    Premier Icon monkeychild
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    Wolds + wet = don’t bother. In the dry its some good old fashioned xc MTB.

    Premier Icon benji
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    It’s a very nice green and rolling land, it’s all rideable on a singlespeed if that’s your bag (it is mine, and love it). There is a group that rides from Market Rasen on facebook, but if you are in Louth pop into the Louth Cycle Centre and have a chat to Jon as he runs a regular ride.

    Premier Icon Onzadog
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    Can’t remember exactly where work sent me in north links the other day but I was amazed at the big steep big that appeared to come out of nowhere.

    Premier Icon binarysolo
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    Cheers guys, i reckon i might try and tag along on some group rides if i can (i’ll have to get on the LAMBS forum and ask around).

    Green and rollable sounds good as i pretty much just ride ss these days.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash
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    Beautiful for road riding when muddy bridleways get the better of you.

    (Transplanted Fenlander now cowering on the edge of the Peak District….)

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