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  • 2 quid to park, and the go ape car parks your best bet. Loads of sign posts, and its hard to get lost.
    Time? Depends, but its about ten miles.

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    There’s a blue loop that’s about 10miles half way round you can join the red loop which is another 10 or so its reasonably well signed but there are a couple of way markers that require some interpretation
    There’s a decent cafe and visitor Centre

    There’s nothing too challenging and the blue in particular holds up well even if it’d very wet

    Don’t leave your bike unattended or on the roof of your car !

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    Yes, £2 to park, trails start a short way from the carpark, and are not through the gate by the Go-ape itself, go out of the car parking area past the look out centre with the centre on your left and the road on your right and they’re 100m up there.

    There are 3 loops, a short green, really for kids and total beginners, and then a blue loop from the start and a red loop that branches off part way round the blue. So most people set off on the blue, do the red, and then the second half of the blue.

    Total is about 14 miles actually, and in dry conditions, balls out I can just about do it in 80 mins. But with this weather while it will all be rideable still, it can get a bit heavy in places, so I’d allow easily 90-120 mins for both. Way marking is pretty good, at the end of a section, there will be a direction arrow on the post, or follow obvious tracks. And do go cautious on a first lap, while there arent any major obstacles there are a few sections that have rollers that can get a bit large if you’re out of control; the air ambulance has been known to visit in places.

    Lastly, in the weather we’ve been having, bring spare brake pads, swinley paste can eat sets very quickly.

    Have fun!

    The most likely place you’ll get lost is leaving the car park in search of the Blue start. Just head out to the right of the car park with the road on your right and centre on your left. About 2hrs should cater for a mild saunter around blue n red.


    I’m going to be down near the vicinity on business this week, taking my bike along for a spin on these trails. A friend who lives in the area and walks the forest said you can park up in the Go Ape carpark and he has seen some mtb trails signposted from there.

    Wondering if the trails are pretty well way marked? Having never ridden before I don’t want to get lost on my first outing! Also is the best parking at the Go Ape carpark? Do you have to pay to park? Any facilities there at all? Roughly how long does a loop take?

    Ta very much!


    Thanks very much for all the advice, hopefully I’ll find the start line then it all sounds good from there. Just hoping the rain holds off now to enjoy the rides!


    Was there a week ago, there was only one place where I emerged from the woods & couldn’t see where to go.

    So I followed the tyre marks 🙂

    1hr35, and that was cruising about – If I had more time I think I’d have done another Blue lap too

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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