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  • BMC09

    thougt of using the threat of landmines, would deter them i'm sure and if not, you'd definately find your culprits and have somewhere for the water to drain to 😛

    i do like the slightly less extreme idea of neck high fishing wire.

    these ways they'll only do it the once 😈

    Premier Icon bangin on

    All points well made, cheers for the input. I'll go speak to the guys in the ranger service about how we detour trail. They'll be reading this anyway ……hi rich

    Points to include;
    date the detour signs;
    give the length of detour ie. it's only the next 1/2km you'll miss,
    how long it'll be active;
    provide reason for the detour – ride the trail too soon and you'll trash it and make work for the trail
    brash over the first bits of trail;

    We've also got a spare motion activated wildlife camera kicking about the rangers office so that could be set up to catch offenders. All videos could be displayed on s/t world for naming and shaming 😈

    Unfortunately, sending info to the website lady would be as effective as asking the rain not to fall, the notice would go up as the detour came down……

    Premier Icon stumpyjon

    I think piano wire at neck height and a single warning sign.

    Seriously we've been repairing the Gully ar Gisburn, there were explanation notices, 6ft posts with tape right across the entrance, 2 seperate barriers blocking the trail 15m and 30m in. None of it made any difference, we even had one cock ride down on us while we were repairing the trail. He actually rode past one group of us, over a blind crest and nearly landed on someone else. When told to turn around and walk back up he got very grumpy, not as grumpy as when he was the told in no uncertain terms to **** off.

    Even the new section we're working on which isn't connected to existing trail at either end is being ridden! I've come to the conclusion that there are a lot of users that really appreciate and respect what the trail builders do and a small minority of complete ****s who actively seek to wind us up (like the c**ck on our facebook page who had a go at me when I pointed out the unfinished section wasn't yet open and was potentially dangerous).

    We've tried felling trees, digging out but not surfacing as well as barriers, none of it works. People riding the dug out sections prior to us surfacing them really cause problems, we end up having to dig out the slop they've created making the trail even deeper.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Explaining the reason would be a big help I'm sure… It's like people skidding at trail centres, I had a go at someone for this and he genuinely had no idea there was anything wrong with it, he said "But it's just a dirt trail". I felt a bit bad, he really meant no harm, he just had no idea how much work goes into a trail and how much time we waste fixing it when we could be making something new.

    Premier Icon bangin on

    now there's a rant I could get my teeth into 😡 ! If any of the sproggs in my Thu night coaching class skid more than three time they have to sit out for a minute and the rest hurl abuse….. Nah, not really but it is frowned on and they know not to…. I think a basic skills class for all riders would be a great idea.


    "Free money this way" and a arrow that has to work

    "New Trail Section This Way" and repeat it a few times up the trail so they go that far they wont turn back and ride the stuff they are not supposed to.
    Tuesday night!! Might get me wheelbarrow out!

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    I like the barbed wire on the ground idea.

    Lay it thick and have a sign "Puncture experiment track. Test your tyre's puncture resistance"

    That won't stop the dickheads riding it, but with the extra money made from selling new tubes and tyres, you'll feel a lot better about it.

    Premier Icon bangin on

    LOL at Jordie's idea. 5:30 at the shop for wheelbarrow action or I'll leave a map on the club notice board to location of works party for latecomers.

    Hey Hobo, all this trail work is just for you my friend; so that you can come here and ride without complaining quite so much about the roots and muddy bits .

    You will note that I havent said that for a while. The reason is that i managed to get a mate to take me around on a few night rides. I ate my hat tbh. One of the best night ride (Man made of course) trails i had ridden. Great fun riding such an unpredictable trail in the dark.

    Credit where its due.

    Still think the waymarking could do with improving, but the riding was great

    The original post was in jest btw. Bikers are very selfish (Inc me), i agree with your rant



    "99.9 % of riders are following the closed trail restrictions, are you?"

    Premier Icon bangin on

    New waymarking will be happening this year!!!! Don't expect gert great dayglo posts but definetely a bit more visible. Again all funded by the £5 facilty charge at the gate… New maps too and hopefully an info board at the trail head WOW !!!! Not holding my breath, I've been waiting 4 years for the maps but it's all gonna happen this year…

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    All you need is a picture of a red traffic light at the start.

    Cyclists don't ever ignore red traffic lights.


    Are there signs before entry to the car park indicating these closures and diversions? I wonder if some folk are just thinking "Sod it. I've paid £5 to ride here and I bluddy will".


    Banging On

    I,ve stuck this on our The Trailbuilders Arms group on Facebook.


    Feel free to post your dig days and other stuff on there



    Premier Icon ChrisL

    Putting a duration on a diversion is a nice idea but it seems awfully hard to estimate durations effectively. At least the ones at Glentress tend to underestimate how long they'll be around for – the unpredictability of the weather makes it pretty hard. Keeping a diversion up once the date on the diversion's sign has passed would probably outweigh the benefit of putting an end date up in the first place.


    A few rows of bramble bushes strewn across the trail head should do the trick, with a warning of punctures and damaged clothing. Sign saying please follow diversions due to excessive bramble overgrowth and trail repair.

    Premier Icon bangin on

    Druidh – the trail closures only make up a very small proportion or the trail network so it shouldn't put folk off coming and paying their fivers.

    I usually recomend a lap and a half any way if you found the trail shortish and have energy left. Theres a bail out after about 8miles of red/black which give a sweet techy second lap as used for the SSUK08. Most folks find that they enjoy the trail better the second time round as they get more into the flow of the place.

    The red diversion takes out less than .5k singletrack and the black climb to cutfinish misses a gert big climb but the short lap catches most of missed trail but from a different direction :|.

    I suppose we could estimate long and then please people by bringing it back into play early 🙂

    Premier Icon Tiger6791

    Due to a selfish minority continuing to use the trails when closed.

    Punture deterents are present on this trail until it re-opens.

    The just place some well hidden carpet gripper rod at 5m intervals.

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