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  • Premier Icon vondally

    So went for a 70 mile 7,500 ft ascent ride today….on my mountain bike on the road..this is what I learnt and observered

    cars and drivers often take the racing line so that cyclist end up on the floor….left hand for me on a country road BMW cutting round missed his/her bumper but ended up over the handlebars, bubble on me knee sore hip and a thwacked helmet….not a euphemism….they continued on their way and the car behind wound down window to ask if I was alright………..as I was picking my self and bike up up as a chain gang of roadies carried on by not an alright or owt…Strav
    a chasing?????

    Earlier as I went up a long climb a car slowed down and the window rolled down and I was greeted with ” get a move on you lazy fricker” word altered and other choice phrases realting to my lack of speed performance and capabilities… I looked and thought is this someone I know to see a group of overweight fat frickers hurling abuse at me…lasted a good couple of minutes………..I assume they were on the way to a fine carvery!

    So I take it from this that Sundays is the worst day for a country ride due to the drivers and the need for them to get to their Sunday Lunch or recovering from the night before at the wedding ( major wedding venue in locality) Sweet Lord I know why I like riding mountain bikes.

    Bizarre was group of landies and trailers with a group of folk looking into the field watching, so I stop further down to see a Bull inseminating a Cow in a very au natural moment……..much to the agreement and satisfaction of the crowd! Clearly someone’s money has been well spent!

    Off to be quiet ……………


    On the contrary, I did 60 miles on the road, no aggro, asked two cyclists with punctures if they were ok and still managed a couple of KOM’s on Strava. ( yes, they were downhill)

    Best day in ages.

    I, you get days like that.The real surprise these days is when you go out for a road ride and when you get back you think i have had no hassle today great.Doesnt often happen someone is always trying to take you out :(.I have started using a Cyclo-X bike so you get some relaxing off-roading between roads great.

    Went out on the road today. Only a small bit of aggro of the usual kind. That of drivers leaving their pot of patience on the kitchen table at home. Sometimes you see almost head ons, where drivers cannot wait 5 seconds to round a bend before over taking you and are faced by blaring horns and flashing lights of on coming traffic.
    Other than that, was very nice, with a route of minimal traffic. Probably saw no more than 30 cars in 50 miles today.

    Premier Icon ton

    3 days of touring in the lakes……not 1 car v bike incident…. 8)


    Today was certainly the usual combination of pleasant drivers who stopped and waited where appropriate (sometimes with a cheery wave, sometimes not); close passes (including the front guy getting clipped) and moronic overtakes. I think the nice people outnumbered the morons today though.
    There’s certainly some people who need their licence taken off them till they’ve grown up…

    On the other hand, stunning weather, loads of riders out – showing just how popular cycling’s become, and the tan’s on the way already 😀


    The last time a motorist grumbled was so long ago that I can’t remember when it was. And that’s training four days a week on road.

    I do have to give ‘racing line’ a big ?.


    So went for a 70 mile 7,500 ft ascent ride today….on my mountain bike on the road..this is what I learnt and observered


    Premier Icon vondally

    because I do not own a road bike 😀

    I realise I possibly I had a bad day never to repeated I hope……. well done to one and all who had a grand day out

    BUT I was surprised by the lack of respect for cyclists/rudeness and general spite of some of the populace.


    Sometimes you get aggro, don’t let it phase you, your next ride will prob be full of calm and equilibrium 8)


    Must be pretty unlucky. Don’t think I’ve ever had such a day on the road bike.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Had a Pretty nice road ride with a mate today. Driving only seemed to get a bit “tastier” when you hit more built up areas so we stuck mostly to quiet back roads.

    We did ride through Henley, sunny morning, all the dickheads in 4x4s spending more time queuing than getting anywhere, But they tend to focus their ire on the bicyclists rather than the other Range Roverists. Hey Ho.


    Had a good day also today. 85 miles with no incidents.( well apart from my chain slipping like it was made out of ice 👿 ) People patiently waiting for a safe time to pass which I acknowledged with a friendly wave, that was followed with a friendly “toot toot” of their horn. Different story yesterday though, had some old bloke in a sports car came speeding up behind us blaring his horn at my nephew and I. We where riding two abreast on a B road at the time and before we had chance to move into single file he “punishment passed” us, even though there was more than enough room for us both. Gave him the masturbation sign to which he took great offence and stopped. Wasn’t happy that we where two abreast and wouldn’t have it that we are perfectly entitled to,we do it for our own safety and if he’d of just waited 3-4 seconds we could of gone single file and he’d could of overtaken us safely. He’s last words as he speeded of was you cyclist and effin horse riders are all the same on these back roads and should be band off the roads because you don’t pay your way on them. 🙄


    My short ride not unusual experience today, nod from a roadie, scowles from a group of walkers, a look of incredulity from a dog walker. Blanked by 3 very serious looking younger mtb’ers on expensive bikes. A cheery hello from a second mammil.

    Cars were infrequent and slowed down to pass safely. If you have to tarmac I find sticking to the C roads is best way to minimise unfortunate encounters. Might be longer but the scenery is nicer too.


    I was out on the road yesterday morning early, came across 5 or 6 other roadies who were all very friendly, even chatted to 1 for a bit at some lights.

    One of those days when everything works as it should.

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