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  • Riding on access land
  • ChrisE

    this is where we need better representation and to be talking to gvmt at minister level;


    Premier Icon DickBarton

    Hang on…DEFRA are looking to encourage more access for cyclists and horse riders by developing new routes??? WTF? Start by opening up more accessing on existing routes…looks like another excuse to waste a lot of money and not getting it right…

    I don’t really understand that, but the answer refers to access routes
    I thought the idea of “open access” was that people could walk anywhere, not just follow footpaths.
    Isn’t that what the question was about ? Allowing cyclists to ride anywhere.

    I ticked the No box anyway.

    Good point, Dick.
    Turning existing footpaths in to bridleways would be a lot easier than “developing new routes”.


    It is possible that the answer is just badly worded. Turning a footpath into a bridleway would be making it a new route for cyclists. But yes, a bad answer for being unclear.


    It’s a badly worded answer, but what do you expect from a badly worded question .

    It is a badly worded question isn’t it.
    I think he meant to ask about the Right to Roam, not rights of way.

    b r

    Having worked at Defra (on a contract), I wouldn’t trust them to do anything – even if all I needed were pi55 holes in the snow.


    Just a thought. Have you exhausted our current rights of way yet?

    Bridleways, yes.
    Footpaths, not yet.


    Uk wide. Doubt it!

    Yeah, I should have said within 5 miles of home, or in my local area, or something like that shouldn’t I.

    Anyway, there’s two issues here.
    One is allowing cyclists to use what are currently footpaths.
    The other is allowing cyclists the right to roam on Open Access land in the way pedestrians can.
    Neither the original question or answer make it clear which they are referring to.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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