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  • tobyho


    Next week we are camping at Shortlake Farm near Osmington, which is near Weymouth in Dorset..

    What bike shall I take ? Single speed cross, single speed mtb or geared mtb ?

    Any good rides thereabouts ?



    If you can head to Purbeck.

    Riding closer to where you’re based don’t bother with the Coast Path. 1) It’s very cheeky, 2) Most of it is unrideable.

    Really you need a bit of local knowledge. But you have access to a lot of Bridleways where you are which are in pretty good nick this year.

    Looking at the OS lots of options depending on how far you want to go. Get on the Ridgeway and ride the inland coastal path (a bridleway) to Hardye’s Monument. Or ride down the hill to Weymouth, follow the cycle trail to Portland and follow the cheeky footpath all round the island.

    Personally I’d say take geared MTB. Then again the road riding ain’t bad either…


    Oh or Mud Sweat and Gears shop usually do a decent length MTB ride on a Thurs eve. Drop them a line.



    i wont get round (be allowed) to do a shop organised ride. so it will be riding from the campsite.. tbh i will probably take the single speed mtb… i will end up cycling over the site all day running errands for the wife and trying to tire the dog out; this will be a little more dignified on a mtb

    oh i dont know… i like the sound of those bridleways on the cross.. i love my cross you see.

    Puddletown Forest – just east of Dorchester, maybe half and hours drive from Weymouth but good riding. There’s a website for it with directions.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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