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  • Riding near to York. What are my options?
  • yorkshire89

    Trouble is york is totally flat so if you want a good ride with some descents you need to head up to the moors or dales.

    Sutton bank has some nice natural singletrack but is a similar distance away to dalby. Stainburn is over the other side of harrogate which could be worth a visit.

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    May go up to York on a whim tomorrow with a friend and take my bike. Coming from the midlands so it’s quite far. Was looking to see if I could bang out a fun and low hassle ride, and looked at Dalby. Trouble is, it’s an hour further..

    Is there anything good nearer York? Don’t really want an all day epic with maps etc.
    Any ideas?


    I’d go for Dalby personally.

    It’s an easy trip if you stay on the A64 and bypass York altogether 🙂

    I live in York and it takes me just over 40 minutes to get to Dalby.

    +1 Dalby,

    I live near sutton bank and to get anything other than drovers roads you’d need a local or spend some time on a map. you’d save time on driving but lose it on looking for trails.

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    As suggested before, there is not much in the way of hills or singletrack/bridleways near York itself. I live a few miles north of York and it takes me a steady hr to get to Dalby.
    I cycle around Castle Howard quite a bit as it is nearer to me and free to park. Best take an OS map though to pick out the bridleways.
    If you are staying in York and want a local social ride out then there is one off/on road route from York that I know, but it is fairly flat.

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    Thanks. I have to go into York as it goes, but forty minutes sounds not too bad.

    Thanks for the suggestions all. I’d love to do a natural route but that would mean buying an OS map, and it’s maybe not worth it for one day.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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