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  • Riding near Dartmeet, Dartmoor…what to expect?
  • morpheus

    cycling on anything but bridleways/byways is criminal so its limited

    well luckily for him, there is no shortage of bw's in that area.

    i did the otc ( same thing ) course from the devon discovery centre. in all truth, there is some excellent technical riding there but from memory, you are likely to stick to the less technical, open moorland stretches with a bit of hairyness thrown in. it's a good fun course though and it will give you a good flavour of dartmoor which should inspire you to return to find the really good stuff.


    I'm heading down there next wekend for a CTC course, based at the Devon Discovery centre near Dartmeet.
    I've never been to Dartmoor, just wondering what sort of stuff I might come across on the course…I'm guessing wet, rocky moorland trails (which probably covers most of the UK in OCtober!) but wondered if anyone could point out any specific bits or areas around there that I might come across.



    thanks trailmonkey.

    morpheus, your point is what exactly? i'm aware of the legal rights and wrongs when it comes to off road biking.
    weird man, weird.

    Many moons ago, early 90's, there was huge friction when popularity of mtb'ing ruffled feathers. Basically a load of people were simply using any old tracks, not bridleways or boats, and a lot of landowners got really shirty and demanded from Dartmoor National park that bikes be banned. DNP took the stand that ' anything not on permitted right of way was illegal' mainly to satisfy/pacify said landowners. In fact all they did was state the rules already in opperation, but it calmed the farmers.
    Not sure of anything else implied up there^^^^!!!!
    Enjoy your course!

    that's one way of looking at it. another would be to say that anything that resembles heritage in this country is largely decided upon and then managed by unelected authoritative bodies who decide what is best for all of us based upon their own values. access on dartmoor is a classic example. horse riding is permitted across any trail and open moorland and is afforded the same access rights as walking. because cycling does not fit within the parameters of historical park usage according to the values of the npa, it is restricted. it is not a decision based upon scientific research into conservation, it is based upon enforced values.

    i have my own values and as such i go where i **** want.

    'historical…' that's the heart of it. The free access for horses goes back to the fact that most of the moor is deemed commons land, even though various people own it. The commons infer ancient feudal privaledges such as grazing, rights of 'verte and verdage' and going anywhere by horse. Add on to it the OS straightjacket of designating things in ~ 1940-50's into footpaths, bridleways etc and we have what we have today.
    Total Dog's Breakfast!!

    Saying that, the Dartmoor NP Trail faries have been busy out my way, drop me a line and I'll reveal all!!!!!!

    Premier Icon jam bo

    good to see morpheus banging the same old drum.


    I thought Dartmoor was flat without any interesting trails , you wouldnt catch me riding there. Scenerys crap too.

    (I am of course joking)

    morpheus – Member


    of course! 🙂

    See my post up there to TM ^^^ re. DNP trail fairies.
    Have new permitted bridleway close by.
    Of course, as stated, in boring area, flat etc. so doubt if you'd be interested 😉


    sorry mr monkey for my comment, was on the cyder. Dartmoor is great and I am sure lister will have lots of fun.

    To be fair there are several new permissive bridleways in the last year or so, the national park is probably doing its best, its just they are double tracks.

    the potential is huge.

    On mon the cloud came down over grimspound, thought no one will see me, lets be cheeky but I couldnt.


    Wow, a whole can of worms I never knew existed…I'm sort of assuming that any official course would only stick to legal access areas…

    Thanks for the background info though, always good to learn new stuff about the historical 'rights and wrongs' of cycling off road.

    Yes, don't worry. if it's an officially run course, it'll be legit. Let all of the above stuff go over your head. Just get out there and enjoy it!


    I ride non-bridleways all the time and have done for years and years (trials, rocks are rarely on bridleways!) and have not had a single problem. Don't let it worry you.


    Lister. there are some great legal rides on dartmoor but fekkit ride where you like and you will enjoy, I do but not as much as i'd like


    Done the Killer loope 5 years back
    You can buy paper backed books from local shops
    on it.
    Takes about 4-5 hrs to get round.
    Riding wise its Cross Country

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