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  • TrekEX8

    I drove out from Calgary to Canmore, rented a bike and rode along the Bow River to Banff, then back t’other side of the mountain range – sang all the way to scare off the bears!
    I suspect there are loads of trails of all sorts of abilities, particularly around Canmore.


    Doh, just checked webcam at Canmore Nordic centre – looks a little too ‘white’ there at the moment!

    Premier Icon jonnyseven

    Calgary and the west has just had it’s worst (coldest) winter for years, great if you are into winter sports but not so great for biking. Spoke to my brother who lives there last week, temperature was a sweltering 3 degrees. It relies on Chinook winds in winter to warm it up and basically they have not been coming over.

    If you want warmer weather with good trails and can get away the Okenagan valley is a medium drive (in Canadian terms away)- about 7 hrs. It doesn’t get the cold of the mountains or wet of the coastline.

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    Are you in Calgary now or visiting soon? How long are you here for? Do you have a bike with you?

    (Based in Calgary and have been for several years)

    The website you want to visit is Bike Pirate for all trail conditions and potential routes. It’s a pretty comprehensive list.

    I’ve not been out on mountain bike yet but I think Horseshoe in Canmore is a good bet; as is Lake MW before it closes to bikes for bear season.

    West Bragg area once it clears up is the closest decent riding; followed closely by Sulphur and Moose Mountain for more technical stuff but as per Jonny7 it’s not been a good start.

    You could always go skiing? (Which is what I’m still doing…)

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    STW Fonts of Knowledge
    I’m working in Calgary for a bit and was after some trail information.
    Has anyone any ideas for some rideable trails at this time of year? Or websites?


    Plenty of riding around can more, lots of bike shops for maps too. There’s even a DH course and xc course at the Calgary Olympic Park.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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