Riding in the Vosges, Gerardmer, Massif du Ventron.

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  • Riding in the Vosges, Gerardmer, Massif du Ventron.
  • lucien

    Very Welsh in style, height, scenery etc…. Loads and loads of outdoors stuff, in particular on 2 wheels. Off road stuff is way marked if needed, and plenty of steep, rocky, wooded singletrack to explore. Found the whole region awesome, having spent 3 weeks riding a mtb there last year!


    I’m also off to the Alsace side of Vosges early next month so will be following this thread closely.

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    We’re going over for a wedding in mid September, staying in Gerardmer, taking 10 days round it with a bunch of mates and various pieces of outdoor sporting equipment.

    Anyone spent any time in this area? I’ve spent quite a bit of time in France, but know next to nothing about the area. Yet to start cranking up the research. It’d be great to have a few starters for 10.

    Any hints, tips and facts about singletrack, big days, small days, road riding, rock climbing, hill walking, swimming and anything else at all would be hugely appreciated.


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    Cheers lucien, sounds great!

    We might only have 2 or 3 days on the bikes, what with everything else. Are there any nuggets you’d pick out? Or is it all equally lovely, with the joy in the exploring?

    I’m guessing you’d say the latter, but 3 days is a different proposition to 3 weeks!


    We stayed in a campsite at Xonrupt-Longermer and walked a couple of times into Gerardmer. The bigger of the 2 lakes close by was best, in terms of stuff to do, and infrastructure (lifeguards, pedalo’s etc.

    Ideas for things to do other than riding would be: –

    Sailing boat dinghy hire on the Lake at Gerardmer, all sorts of craft and good if you are into sailing.

    The Luge at the Col de Schulcht is a scream….kids or no kids.

    Bike park at Lac Blanc

    Ski lifts not open in the summer, and the best MTB trails are on the skiing parts of the mountains / hills.

    As per all of France, plenty of English speaking tourist offices with plenty of trail maps on and off road, and other literature on activities. I found the whole charm and friendliness awesome and different than most of France.


    Haven’t been mtbing round there but last summer a couple of mates and I cycled from Strasbourg down the French side of the Rhine through the villages to Mulhouse, spent a couple of days there, one of which we ditched the panniers and went up the Grand Ballon. Then the next day, breakfast in France (Mulhouse) lunch in Switzerland (Basel) and dinner in Germany (can’t remember where).

    We then spend a few days cycling up the German side of the Rhine back to Strasbourg, stayed there for a couple of days and did some trips out from there.

    It’s absolutely stunning, great scenery, great food and great wine.

    Some nice villages all round the region.

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