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    lots of fantastic riding there..
    check this one…

    (choose language)

    and the routes near the “doubs” river

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    Morning all, heading off to the French Jura on our hols this year and staying near Clairvaux les Lacs area. I’m trying to find a bit of info about riding in the area. Looking for stuff I can tow my Daughter’s trailer on, proper riding and maybe any road routes that are worthwhile.
    So far I’ve come up with 2 old railway style trails that would be suitable for the trailer, and Metabief being not too far away.
    Does anyone have any experience of riding in the area that they’d like to share, or any links to sites that might help me out?
    Ta in advance, Ben.

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    Lots of good walking and riding there. Metabief has skilifts, marked trails and hosts a enduro in May. There is quite a lot of cross country skiing trails which shold be good for easy biking in the summer. I’ve done a bit of riding up behind Nyon from St Cergue and Roche du Naye above Montreaux but that’s not stuff for a trailer !

    Do some searches on vttfrance.com and utawagavtt.com also if you go to geoportal.fr and switch on IGN mapping you should get a good idea.

    If you’ve time it’s very pleasant to go down to Lake Geneva, you can take boats over to Nerniere and/or Yvoire. Either with or without bikes.

    Premier Icon Ben_mw

    Thanks for the ideas folks. Bit of reading to do!

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    I managed to pick up a leaflet for VTT in the Jura at one of the service stations on the motorway. Also try Jura Tourist Board

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    @Ben the leaflets @uk-flatlander is referring too are frustratingly not always available online, some have been scanned in and you can find them on VTT France but many are not. They are available at tourist offices locally but you have to visit to get them. I did see some links to VTT route books on amazon so you might be able to browse these once you are there.

    Have fun and if you do find anything let us know

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    I was very near there earlier this year – can’t comment on the VTT, but the road riding is excellent. A couple of sites I found useful for ideas:

    http://www.tramjurassienne.com/ – local sportive, routes are on website
    http://www.cycling-challenge.com/jura-mountains/ – excellent blog site, click on the pushpins for details of each ride.

    From that second site I’d particularly recommend the Gorges du Flumen area for some tough climbing with absolutely spectacular scenery. I combined this with the climb over to the Col de la Faucille, which gives stunning views over Lac Leman to the Mont Blanc massif. That was a 90 mile day with over 4000m of climbing.

    Non-bike highlights:
    The Cascades du Herisson (near Doucier) – a series of spectacular waterfalls. For best results, visit the day after rainfall.
    The Pic d’Aigle (near la Chaux du Dombief) is spectacular wooded ridge with great views over the lakes.
    Baume-les-Messieurs – like Malham Cove on steroids, a pretty village in a deep limestone réculéé. The caves there are also worth visiting.
    Cirque du fer a cheval and Arbois (centre of the local wine industry – make sure you try vin jaune)

    Best restaurants we went to were l’Escapade in Chatillon and l’Auberge du Herisson at la Fromagerie.

    Hope that’s useful – feel free to email (in profile) if you have any specific questions.

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    Thanks all for the info. I like the idea of Malham Cove on steroids! Looks like I shall be spending this evening with my map and some of these websites! From a very quick look, I reckon that that Sportive would be rideable pretty much from our campsite!


    My (ex) in-laws are a few miles from Clairvaux so i know the area pretty well.
    Plenty of great roads in the area (try the D28 out of Clairvaux) but most of the off-road stuff locally consists mainly of forest tracks.
    Metabief is about a 45 min drive away and you also have Les Rousses, Morez etc.
    If you need to pick up any maps, spares and stuff your best bet would be Lons-le Saunier which is en route if driving.
    I have plenty of maps and guide books on the area I can dig out for you.

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    Metabief is a good laugh – wife and I stayed in a friendly family hotel in the village – http://www.hoteletoiledesneiges.fr/

    it’s about 1km from the lift on the road into town (near the fromagerie) at junction of Rue de Village (D385) and Rue De la Forge.

    Nice vibe. We ate in there one evening and had breakfast everyday and for lunch and a couple of evening meals we ate in the cafe / restuarant by the lift – next to bike shop. All cool. We only really rode the hill but were told there were lots of other ‘family routes’ near by.

    Oh yea – Fondue with new potatoes – that’s my other memory!

    Only go to the waterfalls after rain……

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