Riding in the Alpujarra hills last week

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  • Riding in the Alpujarra hills last week
  • MrK

    awesome! i’m staying in competa for a week at the beginning of june – can’t wait!

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    Had a great time riding the lower part of the Sierra Nevadas last week.

    We had a bit of snow riding

    A bit of village street riding

    Some village van assist starts

    Some big road climbs

    River riding

    Wine tasting

    Lush green singletrack descending

    The descent back to our base village of Nechite

    Mid ride stop on first day

    My bike for the week

    Our host & guide Rob Gray

    FROM http://www.aeadventure.com/

    Looks terrible. I’m not at all envious.


    The trails out here are just so sweet as right now huh? Sunny but air still fresh. Glad you had a great time.

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    Magic 6days riding

    Some of the group elected to go skiing/boarding on the “rest” day but I and 2 others decided on an extended first days ride getting dropped off further up the mountain(the snowy pic)

    On 2 days we cycled out from Nechite and on 2 other days we finished there. Usual finish was at a tappas bar en route back to base.

    Robs wife Mary did us proud with her cooking, I actually put on wieght!!! Maybe that was the beer/wine tho 🙄


    Glad you enjoyed it.
    One day, I’d like to try that out.

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    spur of the moment thing, mot the car or go riding in Spain 😆

    more pics here

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    what company did you go with?

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    check the pics,

    Limited trips organised for 09, lets property out as a summer hols destination. Marathon runners booked in this week for training. Sure he could do a trip if you had some mates willing to make up the numbers. Sleeping is on the upper floor, 4 rooms, 2x twin, 1 single and 1 double. Large dining/lounge area. Large veranda with table and chairs + seating area. Downstairs is Robs area+kitchen and bike store. Forgot to take pics
    of all that!!


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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