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    I have some clear, wraparound, safety glasses – I ‘borrowed’ them from where I work ;o)

    Bolle safety glasses from eBay, especially if you’re not bothered about different lenses. Or style.


    lidl still had loads of sports glasses in this week, £6 with 3 different tints of lens and a pouch..

    I use the Bolle’s from fleabay myself.

    Might have to stop in at Lidl on t’way home then!


    Just ordered some bolles, cheers.


    Tifosi Kilo on ebay with fototec (light reactive) lenses. £20 bargain!

    I saw them a while back on the bay but forgot to buy and i’ve been waiting ever since. Thought the price was a typo.

    Just bought mine 🙂


    I’m after some clear or lightly tinted glasses for riding, (with contacts). What do you use? Not interested in brand names, just something that is functional. Cheers :o)

    They also look pretty awesome, I’ve always fancied some reactive ones

    Bolle are great. Antiscratch, anti mist coated. CE marked for impact and the tinted ones for UV. Buy cheap, buy several and you don’t have to be precious about them. Not too geeky looking either


    spesh reactive ones for me….
    they are the nuts, and change fairly quickly, from trees to sun etc:
    Not very cheap tho’, but very good.


    i just use my normal glasses


    Do an ebay search for Bolle Spider. About £8 a pair. Just bought the clear and ESP versions and they are excellent.

    got yourself an ARCO catalogue? the choice is yours. I’ve been using these for a while:


    I got fed up of being so precious about my oakleys and sold them. Its nice not having to worry about them. IMO you can’t protect fancy riding glasses from scratches in the wet season. Halfway through a ride they HAVE to be wiped. as soon as that happens, they’re knackered.

    Premier Icon TomB

    I got the deWalt ones from screwfix, so pleased with the clear ones I bought the UV protective ones too. Cheap but comfy, and almost ‘disposable’ (£8ish)


    I got some blue tinted enduros on fleabay for £15 but I also got safety specs from parker tools at work for…well didn’t cost me anything 😉

    I am a contact lens wearer so think that eye protection is almost essential however cannot stop the fogging 🙁


    Ive always thought oakleys were good for riding – sticky rubber grips you head well and polarized lens are very nice.

    Im going to replace my old minute models – just got monster pup and they’re too big ( will be sent back.. ) – anyone have a small head like me????? – what glasses do you recommend??

    Just bagged some Spesh Adaptalite Singletracks of the tinterweb for £20, but not tried them riding yet.

    Other than that, Bolle Silium’s or Spiders for £6 off fleabay

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)

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