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  • What’s Swinley like to the moment in terms of trail closures? Are the jump gulley, baby maker and dh bits open to use? Much else shut off?

    Also any info on ground conditions would be great.

    Apologies if this has been discussed recently.




    Would like to know this too.

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    I’m not far and it’s mudfest central with water tables creating localised flooding. Based upon that and experience at Swinley it will be much the same, some bits OK, but some bits terrible… the dedicated trails are usually brilliant for drainage at Swinley with just little puddles here and there. However other parts flood a bit even with light rain.

    I’d epxect you’d have 80% fun, 20% nightmare.

    I may ride there Sunday/Sat. The weather is playing more of a factor on this than the ground conditions.


    I went there yesterday, everywhere is a swamp. The armoured trails are all closed i.e. whole 9 yards , stickler , tank traps ,seagul run and sattan’s grotto. Also they are cutting down trees galore guess it is a forest!

    So for me its the worst I have seen it in 4 years.

    However now the snow has gone you can see the new bits they are making which look awesome with loads of burms etc. Can’t wait for the summer.

    I headed up to Bomb Holes and Corkscrew, Watsons Wander is now the width of a dual carriageway.

    As for Jump Gulley I am sure its open but wouldn’t fancy it with all the rain we have had.

    For me Swinley is going to be great the new armoured trails can we ridden all year round and Corkscrew etc at crowthorne side just need to settle down and dry out.


    so the armoured trails (central) are closed and the rest is a swamp. Will avoid for another month.

    Pretty much, I’ve avoided since December. There’s not enough worth riding at the moment.

    Jump gulley it in it’s usual trashed winter state with a couple of soggy mounds where the jumps used to be, babymaker etc were ok last time I went, and mini alps etc.

    Man made stuff – closed
    natural stuff -bog


    So are the downhill trails at the top open like labyrinth etc. ?

    Yes, AFAIK they’re open.

    thanks everyone 🙂

    also for those that drive – how much is a permit now for riding and parking and for how long?

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