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  • rocketman

    Plenty of quiet, narrow, tree-lined up-and-down lanes around Croyde but off-roading hmmm…

    Some people plead ignorance and try to ride to Baggy Point but they and their bikes are usually cast into the sea at some point along the track 🙂

    Just go surfing! Unless you’re there this week 🙁

    Those roads always look narrow and dodgy to me. Exmoor is meant to have lots of good MTBing


    Theres some BW/BOATs bewteen Saunton & Croyde and *ahem* coastal path stealth- the bit round Morthoe is good but with consequences, FPs around Lee, and a quarry somewhere around Croyde itself. Southfork bikeshop is Braunton is best bet to ask.


    Take a road bike if you want to go cycling, or look at going over to exmoor if you have to go off road. And to be fair some of the lanes are less than pleasant when you have numpties trying to tow huge caravans and no idea what to do when they meet traffic going the other way!

    I was in Westward Ho last week, some nice little hills but not many interesting trails we could find on the map.

    Get a board and go surfing it really wasn’t that cold!


    There’s a nice (and rare) piece of rideable Coast Path between Lee and Ilfracombe, and you can come back around on an old railway line, which is not as bad as it sounds.
    Oh, and a decent waterside pub at Lee as I remember.

    Van Halen

    when i was in saunton a few years back i rode the coastal path.

    the staff in the bikeshop in braunton were less than helpful.

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    I once rode along the track from Putsborough to Pickwell. When we got half way the path rappeared 50 yds to our left down the grassy bank. So we rode down said bank but then the tyres stopped gripping on the damp grass and we were gently accelerating towards the cliff edge, with our tyres making that zizzing noise.

    It’s harder than you think to throw yourself to the ground. Our instincts have, stupidly, been trained over the years to keep us upright, going straight.

    Bloody Hell. 😮

    Premier Icon 2POC

    Whats it like?

    Links to any routes online would be great…


    Inlaws are in Braunton so down that way quite alot.

    Southfork in Braunton will sell you a map called croyde cycle or something like that, its about 2 quid. i have allways managed to piece together some worthwile riding from that and an OS map.

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    I remember somebody off here sening me a gpx file for a ride round barnstaple. It’s either that or Exmoor I fear.

    There is a bike shop in Barnstaple that may be able to help they had some nice stuff in there one assumes they have somewhere to ride them?


    Premier Icon BigJohn

    I’ve found the route file. If the OP emails me (address in profile) I’ll send it over.

    once upon a time i lived in croyde for a while, there’s was loads of offroad riding both on the cost and just in-land… but then was 1988 and hardly anyone knew what a mountainbike was so you could go anywhere.

    Big Dave

    The guys at Bike It in Barnstaple are a decent bunch and should be quite helpful.

    If you ride out to Braunton you can always check out Crow Point. Freewheeling down the boardwalk from the top of the dunes at high speed is fun, especially when you have to start bunny hopping over the missing planks. If you try Crow Point just be prepared to spend weeks getting sand out of every bearing on your bike 😥

    I live in North Devon and tend to do mostly road riding with the odd bit of cheeky trail and right of way thrown in. I’ve never tried biking it but I suspect the coastal path isn’t a great choice; too many walkers at this time of year and lots of sections would be a bit crap on a bike anyway.

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