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    So if you were to make a week of it at the Mega, where else should you ride? Gonna be camping and living outta cars. Thoughts, recommendations.


    the Mega?

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    Les deux alpes is covered by the same lift pass for a day. There is a lot of riding in ADH apart from the mega course which’ll easily fill a few days. If you want more than this you’ll be doing some fairly major miles. if you’re going for a week though you could do a couple of days somewhere else on the way. I’d have to get my euro trails map out to see where would make sense though.

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    Some of the “freeride” trails out there are pants (just steep fireroads basically), some are worth doing. The descent through Vaujany is easy but fun, and there’s also a great trail with endless loamy switchbacks that goes down by Villard-Reculas and finishes at the dead village up the road from Allemont. Both need a bit of up/along to get to them. The black freeride trail down to Oz Station is good too, rooty steepness with marmot-spotting opportunities galore.

    A little DH track we found which is cool in ADH:

    At the top of the first lift station where the freeridey berm and jump track goes down to the village is a fireroad that goes around the side of the mountain – left if you are looking down towards ADH. Follow this up, over the brow of the hill and on the right is a little track that is fast, has a few drops and some cool corners, follow it and you’ll end up on the last bit of the race track that goes into ADH. A great little ‘end of day’ track that you can do a few times without being too knarkerd!!


    Seen videos of the venosc descent at Les Deux Alpes, looks pretty sweet. I will be out there for the week too but mostly practising for the Mega I suppose.


    Definitely a day in L2A. And definitely Venosc.

    It’s worth practising the Mega – maybe do the course twice and the qualifier twice – but riding other stuff in AdH and L2A is all good practice too. It’s all about getting tuned into that style and pace of riding. You just don’t get stuff like it in the UK. The riding in L2A will bring yuo up to pace just as well as riding the course itself.


    There are some sweet XC loops round there, big climbs, big descents etc. If you want to know more let me know..

    E.g. here’s some (poor footage):

    Got some other stuff on there too…

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