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  • rosepose

    Hello, I’ve (very luckily) just moved to Beauly (Invernesshire) and was wondering if anyone knew of any well good routes that I should make sure not to miss. Obviously I’ll be exploring fairly extensively, but a few wee pointers of where’s good would be lovely. Have explored Glen Strathfarrar on the roadbike and done a bit of running already and heading to Glen Affric tomorrow… any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

    Also if there’s any clubs (riding or running) in the area that go out regularly then I’d be fairly keen to join in occasionally.


    Strathpuffer course is just along the road at torachilty forest.

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    Pop in to Square Wheels in Strathpeffer and you can buy a Marty wee map of the local trails in that area.

    There’s a popular route up to the Orrin Dam on the access road and down via a ribbon of singletrack though it’s pretty soggy at the moment.

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    Golspie just up the road for a man-made trail experience. Excellent routes 🙂

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    Riding and Running together!

    Maybe not exactly what you are looking for, but one of the best (and friendliest) events I’ve done.


    You could join Strava, and look for local segments around the area.

    Fyrish club for local awesomeness!

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    Hi rosepose, I’m a fellow Beauly Beaut.

    If it’s stuff from the door, then theres a bit of road work involved first unfortunately. Theres a few routes up the back to Loch nam Bonnach which is nice. For a flat spin, following the river round groam from Lovat bridge to the black bridge is nice. That’d be a nice run too I expect.
    Fifteen mins away is Fyrish with some superb riding. Check the Fyrish facebook and join a ride as it really needs local knowledge to find the good stuff.
    Contin is also nice.


    Ta very much everyone! I’ll be out there soon, Glen Affric was a soggy snowy slush-fest today, think I’ll stick to lower stuff til it brightens up a bit. Might head up to Golspie too whilst it’s wet everywhere, love it there.

    Thanks a lot 🙂


    i would suggest fyrish as well, have a look for gordymac on here, i am surprised he hasnt piped up yet…

    Lady Cairn, not ridden that for a long time, but its not far either. then the usual black isle stuff as well.


    I lived there till a couple of months ago. Just over in Drumnadrochit now. I used to mostly go to contin or go for a pedal round the forest roads but I was only there for 6 months so didn’t explore much. There is trails up at Abriachan but I haven’t been round them yet as I’ve been looking about for local trails. Let me know if you fancy a pedal, there seems to be a pretty active group round here.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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