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  • Ridiculous Friday OT request – which water pistols/guns?
  • wombat

    Petrol Karcher and a trolley containing an IBC of water



    IBC = Intermediate bulk container

    Well there’s a new acronym for me!

    I do like the idea, but perhaps slightly more than I had in mind 🙂



    I massacred the local kids once when they came looking for a fight. They were well off the beaten track and were demolished with a trusty hose with multi-fire attachment – the water fight equivalent of the BFG from Doom, I believe…

    Edit : Only mobile if you have 30m plus of hose. Ensure it’s reinforced or you could suffer ammunition shortages when you least expect it.

    Edit 2 : …and if you fight alone, always watch your six – the sneaky bastards could turn you off at source!

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    One day I’m going to create the ultimate water mini gun, using a backpack full of water and a soda stream cylinder.

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    2) is unquestionably the Supersoaker CPS3000, if you can find one. When you absolutely, positively have to drench every prepubescent in the room, accept no substitute.

    Two pints per second out of that bad boy. I had one, and enjoyed tactical dominance through superior firewaterpower right up until the day it exploded spectacularly in my hands. Which I’m sure has happened to all of us at some point.

    As for 1), I’ve never seen a battery-powered pistol that wasn’t monumentally rubbish. A smaller Supersoaker will serve you far better (unless they too have gone crap since the heady pitch-battle summer days of my, erm, 30s).

    Premier Icon Cougar

    I massacred the local kids once when they came looking for a fight.

    Kids round my way challenged me to a water fight. But they were no match for me and my trusty kettle.

    And there goes my afternoon 🙂

    Cougar – excellent. a shame the CPS range is discontinued.


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    SSC was a great resource, but closed down a few years ago.

    Try http://www.waterwar.net/site_wwn/board/

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    The SS I was referring to was the CPS2000, not the 3000.


    Depending on what version you get there are some reliability issues, mainly if you get the original version with the longer pressure gauge, the rubber has a bigger chance of rupturing rendering the soaker useless if used wildly.

    Exactly what happened to mine. Going for £150 on ebay now (for the less powerful but more reliable MkII), should’ve kept mine and tried to fix it. Bum.

    How about the Oozinator? 😀



    Ridiculous Friday OT request ahoy.

    I’m daydreaming about the summer and an occasion where the use of water pistols may be obligatory.

    I need to arm myself correctly and am thinking

    1. low volume lightweight quick and fast pistol, battery power. easy to carry and deploys annoying rather than soaking volumes of water.

    2. High volume, heavy, pressurised, pump action soaking gun. for drenching – will take ages to recharge but release an epic amount of water in one go.

    Yes, yes, I know I can use a bucket for 2. above, but that is much less fun that wandering around looking tooled up.

    Recommendations welcomed!


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