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  • Rider down – Nick (32:16) Wallis R.I.P.
  • tumnurkoz

    Never met him, but RIP Nick.

    Premier Icon MrGreedy

    I was re-reading through his e2e blog only the other night – he came across as a warm, funny guy with great strength of character so it’s all the more shocking and saddening to hear of his passing. Not a lot else one can say, but I’ve no doubt I’ll be thinking of him a lot on my e2e.

    Premier Icon Bolt

    Sad Loss RIP Nick.

    Premier Icon youngrob

    Heartbreaking. I’d just read his Lejog posts too. Condolences to his family.


    Didn’t know the guy but this is very sad – looks like he was a great guy who really enjoyed life.


    I thought at one point I would never be riding bikes again and it was a very bleak time – so sad that he didn’t get through it.


    First met Nick at Cheddar in 2000, although knew of him before that on Bikemagic and the predecessor to this site, GoFar-mtb.

    Like a lot of folks I know in the mtb world, our paths would only actually cross at 24-hour, singlespeed races or the occasional gathering of the clans like Jockstock.

    For someone I probably only met less than 20 times, I seem to have a lot of happy memories of Nick, like the comical collection of midge bites that he proudly picked up doing timing duties at the first Kielder 100.

    Or watching the fireworks with Kirsty, Nick and their dogs at Eastnor in 2005.

    Or even a shock blonde Nick stepping over us to be sick in a corner of a Bristol club before SSWC01. Happy days…

    More generally, I’ll remember Nick as being someone I could bump into at a race in a corner of the camping field and be in good company.

    You’ll be missed. Love to Kirsty, his family and friends.

    DSC_0095 by martysavalas, on Flickr


    I’ve never met the bloke and have only become aware of him through this thread. It still upsetting news nonetheless.

    Here’s an idea: perhaps the organiser of Mountain Mayhem could honour him in someway, maybe with a memorial prize of some sort? Sounds like he was a confirmed singlespeeder, so maybe the Nick Wallis Memorial trophy for first SSer or the such-like? Anybody got any contacts with the MM guys and can suggest it?

    Premier Icon kimbers

    after reading nicks blog very saddened
    especially that the forum here couldnt have been more help

    love to his family and friends

    Premier Icon cardo

    Very sorry to have never met Nick… but sounded like a true rider in all senses… So sad.. Ride In Peace.


    Ride in Peace.


    RIP, Sad sad news


    Nick, you were there for me. Why wouldn’t you let me be there for you?

    May the road rise up to meet you,
    May the sun shine always on your face,
    May the wind be always at your back.

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Nick, didnt know you but Sandra sums it up brilliantly ^^^^^

    Ride on…

    Premier Icon mick_r

    Gosh. RIP Nick. Always a friendly face and a chat at nembas and singlespeeds.

    Last bumped into Nick & Kirsty at B&Q just before they moved south. He lived a few miles away for years but we never got organised to do a local ride. Wish we’d made more effort now 🙁

    Premier Icon salsaboy

    RIP Nick.
    Smiles and Spots are my memories.


    Sorry to hear this.


    Premier Icon drain

    Heartfelt condolences to all those who loved and knew him well. I didn’t, and now never will, but reckon he must have been fun to be around.

    This is so very sad to read with the backdrop of his last blog post. Even in my darkest moments, and there are some, I can’t imagine a situation where a future with no biking would be worse than than no future at all.

    Keep talking to each other and help each other out, and be prepared to receive that help.

    Premier Icon chipps

    Nick was one of my oldest mountain bike friends. We met at the NEMBA races in 1991. We raced together, stayed together, rode together, drank beer together and did Polaris events together on a tandem (always with wine and a cheese board!). I was best man at his wedding too…
    He was a good friend, even though we’d been in scant touch recently. I’ll miss him, as will all of his friends – probably more friends than he may have realised.
    I’ll ask Pat Adams about the Mayhem trophy idea too.

    Too many good mountain bike friends have gone, which is all the more reason to truly appreciate the ones we still have.


    Like many others I only knew Nick through his blog and am very sad to hear this news.

    RIP Nick

    Premier Icon craigf

    excellent sentiments Chipps… ride on Nick

    Premier Icon langylad

    Nick was an old friend friend of mine from years ago in Ribchester, we used to go on the odd road ride together and drink quite a lot in our late teens/early 20’s. Seem to remember thinking he was mad when he commuted through the Trough of Bowland to uni. He loved cycling with a passion even back then, had his dad Charlie to thank for that.
    I haven’t seen him for about 20 years but he looks exactly the same in the lovely pics posted of him, as many have said always smiling.
    Your old mates in Ribchester will miss you Nick.


    happy trails nick, ride in peace


    As someone who has been visted by the black dog more than once in his life I unfortunatly know the thought processes which can get you to the place where Nick obviously was before he took his life. If you think your life is out of control it probably is just get professional help if not for your self but the people you are going to leave behind to pick up the pieces. My heart goes out to his freinds and family.


    So sad that someone can get to this point without being able to open up and get it out to someone or for someone else to recognise it. He sounds like a nice guy.

    Terrible…didn’t know him but it seems that many here did and thought a lot of him, which makes him a top bloke in my books. Hopefully he is at peace now. Always a bit extra sad when one of our own goes.

    Premier Icon Blackhound

    Sad to hear. I spoke to him a couple of times years ago at some events I can’t now remember. Always seemed to be smiling and encouraging. RIP.

    Premier Icon santacruzsi

    Keep riding in the sky dude. RIP


    Keep talking to each other and help each other out, and be prepared to receive that help.

    Wise words from drain.

    Sad sad news – RIP Nick . . .

    Premier Icon Sideways Tim

    Please can you pass this message on to everyone who knew Nick:

    A funeral service is to be held for Nick at Ribchester Parish Church of St Wilfrid on Monday 11th June at 10.30am prior to a committal at Preston Crematorium.

    Nick wouldn’t believe that he had friends, he needs to know that he did. Please come if you can.

    There is a special request to all the mountain bikers. Come on your bike and in your cycling kit. You will be riding behind Nick on his last journey. And because this is Nick, it will start with a sodding great hill.

    And to all, no flowers. Nick was worried about the fate of all the local bike shops who are struggling in the current economic climate. So instead of flowers or donations, go and buy yourself new gloves, or socks, or a new helmet or whatever else you think you need but couldn’t justify buying. But get it from your local independent bike shop, not some high street chain.

    A final request, the service at the crematorium will not be formal, we would just like a few of his friends to stand up and share any good memories that they had. If you would like to do so, then please let us know.


    P.S. the caterers are panicking about the amount of chilli and flapjack to put on, so an idea of numbers would be great 🙂

    Premier Icon Alphabet

    Hi Kirsty,

    I’ll be there. Let me know if you want any university stories.


    (email in profile)

    Premier Icon stevemakin

    Hamish, I’d be surprised if Kirsty reads this (although I might well be wrong), mail me on @singletrackworld.com">steve@singletrackworld.com and I’ll forward Kirsty’s email address to you


    Didn’t know Nick but this is sad news indeed, have had a read on the blog and it’s saddening to think that he didn’t feel he could get any more help, and this was the only escape.

    Premier Icon funkrodent

    Been reading his blog and what comes across is a man with incredible warmth, enthusiasm and passion. A real inspiration. My thoughts are with his friends and family. RIP.


    RIP to someone that, from his blog, seemed like a top bloke.


    I wanted to thank everyone for the thoughts, pictures and memories of Nick that have been posted here and on his blog and to those who have sent emails.

    Nick’s greatest joy in life was moutain biking. In fact, the only place he ever really looked completely comfortable was on his bike. He especially loved racing, not for the competition, but for the fact that he could catch up with everyone. Whenever we got to a race he would leap out of the car before it had even stopped and disappear to see who he could find. He would usually roll up some time later having already bummed a beer and cake off someone, all smiles, with tales of what everyone had been up to since the last time he’d seen them.

    Whenever I think of Nick, I think of the finish line of a race. He would cross the line covered in mud, and occasionally blood, and would be looking round for me. I always met him there and I treasure the memory of the way that his face would light up when he spotted me. This was entirely due to the fact that I would have a beer ready for him and be carrying cash to buy food I might add!

    Nick’s last and greatest achievement was LEJOG, unsupported and on a singlespeed. However, being Nick he was completely astounded that anyone would be interested in it. He was genuinely surprised and pleased at the comments on his blog… he would rush to tell me who had posted and what they had said like a little boy at christmas. He had only been back a day when he started planning riding the EWE and had hopes of entering the great divide next year. I know that he would have done it, his ability to just keep riding in the worst of conditions was incredible.

    Nick’s passing was way too soon, he had so much still left to achieve and he would have done it with the usual big grin on his face, always annoyingly cheery. I shall miss him every day. I know his friends will as well.


    Premier Icon Drac

    Lovely words Kirsty, my thoughts are with you.

    He truly did have an enthusiasm for the sport and the social side of it all.

    As Lee said, lovely words Kirsty. The thoughts of all of us are with you.

    Gone far too soon but very fondly remembered by many, many friends.


    He touched more lives than he knew, my sincere condolences

    terrible news!!! no doubt that i have seen nick at some point over the years as i have worked on all of the mountain mayhems as sound enginneer, the name does sound familiar. my thoughts are with kirsty and all of his friends at this sad time, i will raise a beer in your honour…. im sure pat and chipps will arrange a fitting tribute to your memory…. ride in peace nick…..

    don simon

    RIP fella. 🙁

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