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  • Rider down near Whatstandwell, between Cromford and Amber Gate
  • I don’t know of anyone matching the description, but I live nearby and was actually riding off road at Ambergate last night, so will keep an eye out.

    I’ll share on my FB page too.

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    There’s a thread on road.cc also.

    Just picked this up on the Ride Sheffield Facebook page. I can’t figure out how to share a link to just that post, so I’m copying it out in full here. Disgusting example of an attack on a cyclist by a motorist. I don’t need to add more, just contact the police as the lady has asked if you recognize the driver being described …

    Please Share
    Someone out there must know the person who did this to my husband.
    This road rage was a deliberate and malicious attack. The man who did this was not going to stop until he did my husband damage. Please if you know anything contact Derbyshire Police asking for P.C. Stuart

    Here is Mark’s account of what happened with a description of the driver and passenger of the Range Rover.

    On Sunday 11August at approx 11.30 am I was deliberately knocked off my bike by a man driving an old green range rover on the A6 near whatstandwell, between Cromford and Amber gate.
    The driver took objection to me shaking my head at him in his mirror after he pulled out in front of me, just before whatstandwell bridge, causing me to break heavily to avoid hitting him.
    After twice getting out of the car to run at me across the road he decided to use the vehicle to hit me rather than his fists. The car didn’t stop and the police want to talk to the driver as would I.
    I have suffered multiple road rash, bruised shoulder and sternum and a broken hand, as well as £400 of damage to my bike.
    If anybody lives in the area and knows of any old green range rovers or indeed witnessed the incident, please can you let me know. Any help towards catching this person would be greatly appreciated.
    The driver was of a large build and in his late 50s/60s with grey hair, there was also a woman in the car at the time with grey hair.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    By: Elise Canning

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    Have already shared on FB.


    Rule no. 1…memorise the plates.


    Maybe he was more concerned with avoiding a 2 ton piece of metal…. Bellend.

    I’m local so will keep a lookout.


    He saw the vehicle at least 3 times before the collision,… b[/u]ellend.


    I will keep my eyes peeled , get well soon!

    Edit – must not feed the troll. 🙄


    I have just moved to Belper so will keep an eye out.

    It might be worth the rider going back to the scene tomorrow at the same time. It may be a regular journey made by the offender.

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    Ride round there regularly, so will keep an eye out.

    Hope the rider makes a speedy recovery.

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    Ouch – hope you heal fast. Hope you find the b***** – could well be a local and might be worth touring the lanes near where he turned onto the A6 to see if you can spot the vehicle parked up. Given the relatively small number of properties in the countryside there, wouldn’t have thought there would be that many registered in a few mile radius.


    I’m not trolling nor criticising the OP, I know how horrible and stressful these situations are. Just a note to others to get that information while calm.


    For what it’s worth, I reckon after “…” a new sentence is indicated so a capitalised “B” on “Bellend” is appropriate in this context.

    I appreciate, however that “…” is used to indicate ommission of irrelevant material within a sentence as well as (as it seemed to be in this case) a general tailing off at the end of one sentence. So, for example I would agree with lower case if the full stops indicated excision of some swearing such as “You are a… bellend”.

    Hope the … person in the Range Rover gets caught, obviously.

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    There was a police car stopped in the layby there yesterday on the bend, so hopefully the police are taking this seriously and keeping their eyes peeled for the vehicle.

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    I’m afraid I’d lose my cool if I saw that RR. It would not be pretty.

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