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  • ride in Perth WA
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    Unemployed/Holiday for the next 2 weeks. borrowed a bike and got lights who fancies a ride.

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    Wouldn’t mind but I fear I’d be tired after the flight. You going down the bibbulmun trail? (not sure how it’s spelt but it’s **** long) A mate says it’s close to 40 deg C in mid aftrenoon, so take some sun cream 🙂

    Premier Icon mikewsmith
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    30/31 for the rest of the week going to get out tomorrow, 38/40 for the weekend so maybe going to hide in the cinema.

    Will see what next week brings

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    5.30 tonight (Thu) at the Dell (Mundaring Weir Rd) if you fancy it for a medium paced XC ride for a couple of hours.

    Text me on 0431499223 if you’re interested.


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    i walked a section of the bibulman (sp) trail. i was 19 and had met this bird in a hostel who was also up for walking it. turns out she was 32, an english teacher, and she didn’t have a tent. i’d just bought my super light two man tent.

    was put to good use…….. that was a memorable 6 days….

    and i beat her at scrabble.

    go jump off the cliffs at blakes(?) point. eastern side of the swan river. good buzz. hurts like bugger climbing back up though.


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