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  • Ride Ibiza any experiences ?
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    Is there enough “trail” riding for a week ? You know the thing 20 to 30 mile mid pack have a look at the scenery nothing too scary type stuff ? Accommodation, grub , people etc .

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    i took my mtb a few years back, both road and mtb tyres but ended up just riding on the road. There did seem to be an extensive trail network all round the island though but couldn’t elaborate on what they’re like though, sorry.

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    Plenty of riding in Ibiza..just not the two wheeled variety 😉

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    I’ve been twice.
    Ash, the guy that runs it, is a top bloke. Will do whatever he can to help. Very experienced in hosting, riding, bike set-up, understanding and delivering the type of riding that you want etc.
    The riding is very good in my opinion and I’ve been lucky enough to ride in a lot of different places in the world.
    Ash can cater for XC and more shuttle based ‘DH’ riding too. We always did an XC week with a day of shuttling.
    Beautiful island too.
    Most of the rides end at the beach.
    Highly recommended by me.

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    Big thumbs up from me,I was staying in San an and he came n met me,rode almost from the hotel I was staying in, there’s loads of varied terrain and Ash has an extensive knowledge of a lot of the best trails on the island. Will deffo be back.

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    Spent a week with Ash at the Ride Ibiza villa last June. Plenty of technical riding, the cliff top trails are amazing. You do need to ride between sections to link it all up, so be prepared for some road and track sections, but the Singletrack makes up for it.
    Villa is basic but clean and comfy with decent wifi and Ash is s good host. A bit out in the sticks though, so you’d need car or be prepared for taxis to get into town. Food is basic but tasty. If going as a group I’d probably go for uncateted option and just get a taxi in and out of town at night.
    Would go again as part of group but not as a single rider as he is not always that busy and you may be the only one there, for the whole week like I was.

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