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  • Premier Icon RobinL

    Good year for me so far …. ( sorry OP ! )

    No commuting all MTB from the door, so a mix of roads, tracks, bridleways and footpaths …. 1400 miles in 53 rides, with 124,000ft elevation πŸ™‚

    I realise compared to some who will be along shortly this is low mileage but I enjoy it !

    Premier Icon on and on

    3507 miles / 5643 k since April.

    Moved to Switzerland and not working so plenty of time to enjoy my bikes and the countryside.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    5000kms toward a 7500km target, 18 xco races, 1 marathon to date.

    Roter Stern

    Just up to the 10 000km mark at the moment. This month is going to be busy with a few mtb marathons and a road race thrown in as well. Sorry OP. 😳

    Premier Icon ton

    3000 miles this year so far, down on previous years, but getting over surgery on a ankle took a fair bit of getting over.

    a nice tour in france and some offroad riding have been the highlights so far.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Distance – 3,296.2 km
    Time – 234h 17m
    Elev Gain – 83,268 m
    Rides – 125

    Distance not amazing as I’ve been MTBing so much with all the dry weather we’ve had so far in 2017.

    Premier Icon beej

    Distance 8,321.9 km
    Time 309h 58m
    Elev Gain 90,315 m
    Rides 168

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    Not the responses I’d hoped for to make me feel better πŸ™ πŸ˜†

    one mtb ride this year,..and not as much on the road as normal, but still a fare bit.

    Not the responses I’d hoped for to make me feel better

    I’ll help.

    Due to Mrs EGF being very (very) unwell since April I’ve done about 6 rides with a mileage total of less than 125 (+-)
    Can’t be that arsed TBH.


    I’ve been on sick leave for the best part of a year.
    3 mountain bike rides.
    8 Road commutes
    2 cyclocross rides
    Total mileage for the last 10 months : 176 miles. I used to do more than that in a week.
    I’m slowly selling all my bikes. Can’t be bothered.

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    For a variety of reasons I’ve had a poor cycling year off and on-road, confirmed by my miserable Strava stats πŸ˜† I’ve done only 17 MTB rides and 7 of those were on 3 weekends in April. It was a good April at least πŸ™‚

    Please make me feel better by posting your miserable tales of not cycling enough.

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    If I were to be permitted an estimate, I’d say a few thousand kilometres.


    Distance 7,708.5 km
    Time 473h 8m
    Elev Gain 115,979 m
    Rides 181

    Mostly commutes or MTB

    Premier Icon paladin

    stilltortoise – Member
    For a variety of reasons I’ve had a poor cycling year off and on-road, confirmed by my miserable Strava stats I’ve done only 17 MTB rides

    presumably theyre all 100 milers?

    Premier Icon cp

    Holds hand up.. πŸ™

    Sod all due to 14 month old sprog!

    Get out every couple of weeks for an hour or so.

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    Sod all due to 14 month old sprog!

    I’ve got 8 sprogs. You’ve got no excuse. 😐

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Less than usual- think this’ll be the first year I end less fit than I started. I lost a chunk of the summer to a trapped nerve and still not quite better so things have been less fun than usual

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    YTD total 40km πŸ™

    ~2995 miles
    ~198 hours
    ~152,600 feet
    ~305 rides

    Compared to ~700 miles a year of comparatively flat commuting since before Xmas 2013 (no idea on stats, only joined Strava in Sept 2016). πŸ˜€


    More than last year but not nearly enough as I would have liked

    Premier Icon howsyourdad1

    I only ride park so my vertical feet stats are through the roof!

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Similar to you OP. Have been getting a bit of dinghy sailing in for the first time in 10 years instead but also long working hours + work travel and basically being a bit frazzled too much of the time.

    The year started well but summer has been a total bust for mountain biking for the corking weather.

    Cheer up though the awesome slithery wet sloppy winter is coming for restoring cat like reactions!


    6028 km. not ridden my bmx at all though. πŸ™

    I’ve got 8 sprogs.

    you know where they’re coming from, right? πŸ˜‰

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    12 rides, 124km.

    Rubbish year (again). Mix of recovery from injury/surgery, kids, work, moving house and having stuff to do, lack of mates and hence encouragement to go out….

    It’s all a bit tragic really – I thought I would be doing loads when I moved to the Lakes 8 years ago and it really hasn’t happened like that at all!

    I really MUST get my shizzle together going into Autumn. I love Autumn riding… bring on the frost.

    It’s been a poor year for me too due to recovering from a broken back and trying to overcome the associated massive loss of fitness and strength.

    The majority of the cycling I’ve done has been round fire roads with the dog in tow. Got out to Cardinham for the first and second time, bored of that already. Done a couple of loops other places and a day down-hilling.

    So probably 150 miles all in but I’ve loved every minute.. No, actually a lot of it has been painful, agonising misery but it’s great to be riding again.


    So far, 3700 km and 43000m climbing. Not as much as I’d like, though back in March i had 3 weeks off the bike with a sinus infection then 3 weeks with back muscles in spasm.

    Premier Icon Wally

    Shite summer, broke leg. Willy waving is not what OP asked for.


    Started well, I’m always time limited rather than limited by enthusiasm so my usual once a week during the dark months but as soon as sun came back I was out 2/3 times a week, but all went to shit in summer, I will have ridden once in August… hopefully my bike with be fixed this weekend.

    Premier Icon funkmasterp

    Seven proper rides, a couple of canal towpath pootles and the occasional commute. Just sold my only bike as between work and family commitments it was becoming an ornament πŸ™

    Hoping to buy something soon though that is more suitable for riding from the door. I used to be out every night, then only weekends etc.

    Premier Icon YoKaiser

    Really poor year for me, the worst I can remember. I had been meant to be training for the Glencoe marathon but I’ve spent more time injured than training and I won’t even be doing that.

    It has allowed me to reset a bit though, giving up racing and trying to go quicker,loose weight and get fitter(it never happened) and Ill be swapping the big bike for a hardtail and be trying to have some fun again. It somehow felt that biking had became stressful and not very enjoyable. Looking forward to the new bike now and getting back to playing about in the woods.


    Ridden loads this year (7830km), but that’s about where the good news ends. It’s been pretty miserable weather, and i’ve not really done anything to make good use of any fitness gains.
    Now have a minor knee niggle, generally feeling a bit burnt out and have a load of chains need changing and tyres need changing/tubelessing πŸ™

    I’ve got 8 sprogs.

    *feels sick at the thought*

    Premier Icon crazybaboon

    7931 miles
    148 rides
    470 hours
    360131 feet of climbing

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    presumably theyre all 100 milers?

    πŸ˜† sadly not. Average ride was a touch under 20 miles, but most of those miles were probably road miles.

    Premier Icon simon_g

    MTB – day at BPW in March, a morning in the Surrey Hills in July, and a couple of Chilterns rides in August. BPW booked for end of September but not expecting that many more opportunities this year.

    A couple of road rides, and plenty of nursery drop-off/pick-ups with the trailer.

    Hoping things settle down (and no more new babies) next year!

    Premier Icon Speeder

    Nope – if you except the commuting I did before I changed jobs in April, I’ve probably been out 5 or 6 times – a very very poor year

    Premier Icon Pook

    About 300 miles on the trail bike, 60000 ft elevation.
    30ish days in the bike park, 150000 ish ft of descent.
    Only been able to ride since the middle of may, so not too shabby. It’s felt like a good summer anyway.

    Premier Icon rascott

    Due to breaking my pelvis (riding) at end of April I have managed 8 rides this year all MTB. 6 of them were before and including the crash. Total Distance 87miles. Climb 7677 feet.

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