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  • ridden 17 days in a row…still going…what's your record?
  • I’ve ridden a bike for 17 days consecutively, work commute, mtb rides, road rides…still going..i was contemplating taking the car in tomorrow to give myself a rest…but kind of want to keep the record going!

    Anyone else counting?

    Premier Icon simondbarnes

    My best was 31 days in a row with a ride of at least an hour.


    Currently this is my 12th day in a row – all being well I’ll be riding for the next 8 in a row too 😀


    How long are summer holidays? Nine weeks? Nine weeks then, every year from ’83 – ’88, at least 8 hours a day 8)


    Only 6 days for me.
    Wouldn’t really consider trying for more as i’d end up with overtraining pretty quickly. Even 6 days was for a holiday, 3 days max under normal circumstances.


    6 days in a row for me as well.


    10 I reckon in the modern era… probably a lot more when I rode 2 miles up and down the road to work when I was younger.
    The 10 were solid Rotorua riding days, hit a lot of trails that week and a bit.


    About 4 months…

    I commute by bike, I use a bike as primary transport and for shopping at the weekends and I ride for sport and leisure too, so although it sounds impressive it’s actually just normal for me. Days where I don’t ride a bike normally coincide with ‘not left the house’ so think of it more like that.

    That run was a bit unusual though, I normally have 1 or 2 days a month where I don’t ride for some reason, work trip away, long drive to family etc.

    Premier Icon Yak

    Probably around a week for sport purposes.
    In my commuting/student days it would have been everyday for months/years as that’s how I got around. Not a big deal though as most towns/cities shrink on a bike compared to public transport so it was always the easiest/fastest and cheapest option.

    Premier Icon thenorthwind

    Same as amedias. When I get to the end of a day and I haven’t ridden a bike, it’s novel enough that I usually realise.

    Thinking back, the last time was probably the weekend before last when I went on a non-biking camping trip, but it was only one night, and I might have nipped to the sorting office in the morning or something.

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