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  • teamyeti

    Anybody been, opinions for a weekend break,is it worth taking a bike,road or mountain, thanks.


    My aunt has a chalet there, its actually really nice considering it’s proximity to Blackpool. It’s in the country and from memory pretty flat, some nice villages near though so I’d reccommend a road bike. Oh, and if you turn left out of the main entrance and head to the village (big central green but forget the name) there is a great pub there that does amazing food.


    thanks joe.


    The Forest of Bowland is close. The Lakes and the Howgill Fells about an hour away. There is a nice pool there and a little bar that used to be quite nice.

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    it’s a nice little place. The restaurant on site was canny, as was the little bistro (even if it is the swimming pool cafe by day) Never ventured into blackpool itself, but headed into the south lakes as well as plenty of other days out. That was a couple of years ago mind.

    There were some nice quite lanes about which would be nice on the road bike


    I live about 10ins walk away.
    The place Joe1983 mentioned is Wrea Green (pretty at the weekend nightmare round rushhour as the loons go speeding through to BAe) and the pub is The Grapes.
    There is no mountain biking to speak of without jumping in the car so unless you fancy driving for 45 mins minimum I’d bring your road bike as there’s loads of quiet lanes around here and you can easily string together a nice ride if you head north and east.


    Did the pleasure beach last October and being fired up into the air gives you a great appreciation of just how flat it is around Blackpool. Despite having been born there and going back during my childhood for holidays and to see family I’d never realised just how flat it was. And don’t dismiss Blackpool entirely for a visit, it is scruffy and tacky with a population who seem to be determined to smoke and eat themselves to death but I really enjoyed going back after a gap of many years. as for the bike then I guess the road bike will be a lot more at home.

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    Personally I remain fairly unimpressed… they reps all drive around in Porsche Cayennes which instantly put me on edge*

    I would be more inclined to look into one of the Lakes or Dales options myself unless there is a particular draw to spending a weekend near Blackpool/Fleetwood.

    *I have never stayed there, but work there on a regular basis. Seems to be filled with people that think quite a lot of themselves IMO.

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