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  • Rheumatoid Arthritis – Any sufferers on here?
  • So a after a few months of stiffness and aches and pains I went to the GP to see what was going on.

    I had a few physical tests done, also X-Rays and Blood test. They are all pointing towards RA So i’m now due an appointment late November with a specialist.

    I’ve noticed a few problems with cycling. griping the bars occasional pain whilst braking. Also assorts of bother at work (Carpenter) Not to mention other pains, aches and stiffness.

    Currently i’m only on meds for pain and inflammation.

    Has anyone else had similar problems? how did you find it all after seeing a specialist?


    Not quite the same but I damaged two joints in my wrist in a fall. I now have inflammation in the joint/arthritis. I used an excellent TLD wrist support and it makes riding mostly pain free. Would recommend exploring this as an option.


    My Dad got diagnosed about 15 years ago now when he was ~ 55 years old.

    He went to see a specialist and very quickly it was completely controlled by reduced doseages of drugs (Methotrexate if I remember correctly). Regular blood tests are required to monitor.

    It has not slowed him down. He is ‘on the tools’ and still works onshore, offshore and overseas.

    However, I remember when he was initially diagnosed it hit him really hard mentally as he thought that was him finished working, being useful, etc. That has certainly not been the case.

    Cheer for that benz, the mental part at the moment certainly is the hardest, I’m only 32.

    Good to hear your old man got it under control, thats what i a m hoping for.


    I have it in one of my big toe joints. Sounds trivial and doesnt cause me too much trouble until I try to run then it causes all kinds of achilles, ankle pain which makes it almost impossible.
    Not being able to run is a big deal for me 🙁

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    I’ve got degenerative arthritis in my ankles, after getting on 20 years of increasingly bad pain and limited mobility I’m getting the right one fused in a couple of weeks. 9month recovery period sucks and I probably need to get my left one done in not too long too.

    Does make you feel old in your mid 30’s.

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    Psoriatic arthritis here (38yo, diagnosed about 8ya). Not RA but similar. Really got me down for a while and found methotrexate wasn’t that effective and pain in arse with blood tests. Symptoms were pretty debilitating at times. Kept trying to stay active but it was hard when bloody sore. Now on another drug, and currently 99% symptom free and feel good – long may it last. So, try not to worry about it too much, see the rheumatologist and see what they have to say. There are a lot of treatment options now, so there’s a good chance it can be treated effectively. Oh, and don’t just rely on pain meds, you want to get on a drug that’ll halt progression and degeneration of joints (DMARD).


    I know a few people with it, i live in Spain so they moved here for the climate. 1 person was really in pain in the uk in the cold and damp, now here in the dry warm climate she is a lot better and certainly no pain.

    Its true, i broke my foot a while ago and in the cold wet north uk it gets q painful. Here in Spain with the combination of daily swimming, red wine and a warm dry climate i rarely think about it.


    Wife got diagnosed about 2 years ago at 40. Has had a few flair ups. Don’t read too much on forums as it seems for many it’s the end of their lives. Be prepared for lots of drugs each day and monthly (initially) blood tests. Drugs haven’t given her any bad effects but are quite full on. They’ve reduced RA to practically nothing but usually when colds come joint swelling comes with it. Has had a few steriods injections on swelled joints and a few courses of tablets. It’s a bummer as you don’t know what tomorrow will bring but so far it’s been ok. Drop me an email if it would help.


    Mother diagnosed with it at 36. Unfortunately at the time the medication was not as good as it is now and for her it ruined her joints and lungs. She ended up with every major joint replaced and the list of orthopaedic operations she had was huge.
    BUT the conservative drug management has improved considerable with disease modifying anti rheumatic drugs (DMARDS). There are several groups of these and if you’re not getting on with one then they’ll try another. Expect regular blood tests including liver and renal functions to check the drug isn’t causing problems. You will get to know your rheumatologist and his specialist nurse well
    Think positive at all times and good luck

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