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  • Reykjavik – Stag Ideas
  • ben

    Off to Iceland in June for a friend’s stag weekend. Have the activity side of things sorted with some rafting and outdoor activities booked.

    Hoping some of you might be familiar with Reykjavik and might have suggestions on night life? any tips for a good night out, we’ll be a fairly small group, circa 6…

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    Puffin starter and minke whale main at the Icelandic bar


    Rotted shark for the stag. Second mortgage for the rest of you – I went teetotal when I was there as the prices were eye watering.

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    Was going to say that.

    You’ll need very deep pockets to get pi$$ed over there.

    Fantastic place, but expensive


    Surely not really a Stag Do venue ??

    or does your mate not drink?

    Why is it that Stag Do’s have to be as expensive as possible these days?

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    I loved Reykjavik when I went there. Had a good night in here too.

    DO NOT think that it is anything like the UK. We walked into a bar in the centre of town at 7 on Friday night and they looked at us like we were mental. Next night, went out a 10 and we were still out really early. Have a nap, head out at 11. Take plenty of cash. I think we went home about 4.30, but the night is still young then and it goes on till 6.30/7, maybe even later/earlier.

    Beware, the chocolate coated doughnuts often have stealth liquorice in!

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    Get the happy hour app. Can’t remember the name, but it lists all the bars various happy hours.

    Edit. This one grapevine appy hour


    All about the happy hour, then drinks are an okay price. I didn’t do a huge round of bars, but the Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina down the harbour has a nice modern, funky style bar which was always busy and popular when I visited.


    Because it’s soooo expensive , even for locals, in Rey as in lots of Scandy countries… Forspill happens

    Literally… “fore play”

    Drinking before going out… so there not much atmosphere until late… 12 or later… so don’t peak to early.

    On the plus side …. the girls aren’t shy if they like you … 😀


    Thanks for the tips on Happy Hour, great info.

    As for why Iceland, we wanted something a but different, yes we drink, but it won’t be as boozy as some dos.


    For pubs, go to Laugavegur and down towards the harbour. Happy hour seems to vary but is between 4pm and 8pm where beer is £2.50 / pint. Drink the local beers and the price is similar to UK town centre bar prices. We liked an afternoon pint or two in the Public House on Laugavegur. Its a stag weekend so none of this “saving yourselves for later”. Go native and try the putrid shark and shot of a Black Death. A nice slice of grilled Minke whale and lobster soup is available at a small,rustic cafe by the harbour called Saegreifinn.


    Amazing place. Got married there 9 years ago. Hit the Blue Lagoon for a swim. Eat copious amounts of hotdogs, head out really late for a drink. Try to get out of the city though, go whale watching or go geyser & waterfall spotting.

    We did some snow mobiling on a glacier & climbed a Volcano.

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    Icelandic Krona are expensive outside Iceland, it’s easier and cheaper to get cash from an ATM when you’re there. Or pay by card, which is widely accepted (but perhaps not a good idea when drinking).

    During happy hour, beer prices are no more expensive than the uk, download the app
    Appy our Reykjavik and it lists every bar and prices and happy hours

    We found to eat out the Thai and curry house, as with all Scandinavian countries ethnic food tends to be well priced compared to steaks etc..

    We had a great craic a few years ago on a stag, we took rum and whiskey for flasks on a few trips,
    Remember at the blue lagoon their is a limit of 3 beers per person


    For food – it’ll be ££ but very good. Grillmarket is fantastic and for breakfast Laundromat is the business.

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    Iceland on BBC2 now (9pm Friday)

    Shame it s a cooking program

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    Gee76 off here had his stag do there, it was a great do. Prices for ale can be the same as here, good looking totty EVERYWHERE, and pleasant with it. 😀

    they all looked like these


    Looks like a promising destination 😀


    We went in 2010 after the banking crisis and prices we’re pretty good then. We went out for dinner and drinks early eve then went back to our apartments for lots of drinking before heading out late to start the night.
    Seem to remember heading to Damon Albarn’s bar for early drinks which were reasonable and a good mix of clientele to er mix with. The nights got messy after that so not sure where we ended up… Think there was an “English” pub, a good old dirty rockin n moshing club and some other clubs. Seem to remember staring at the sky in the early hrs trying ti convince our very drunk selves we could see the northern lights.

    Top tip: Make sure you can get back in your digs in the early hours… It gets really cold in oct/nov… Thank god I had a giant penguin suit to keep me warm!


    Try “Mikkeller and Friends” Bar just off Laugavegur . The bar on the top floor has somewhere between 30 and 40 different ales and an extremely knowledgable barman to talk you through them. Unfortunateley we only found it on the way home on our last night. Second the GrillMarket for food too. The tasting menu is superb and great value compared with the price of main meals.

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