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  • Works well. It can tip over with unbalanced bikes it in though i.e. take the front wheel out first, and make sure the QRs are done up tightly if you are going to swing on anything.


    I’ve got one. It’s well made and sturdy. Looks similar/the same to others like the Merlin one which is similarly priced at the mo.


    I’ve got one, use it often, not workshop quality but good enough and when my cack-handed neighbour broke it recently the Co-op were excellent and had a rummage around their stores to replace the relevant bit free of charge.

    Anyone used one. They have them for £60 in the local edinburgh cycles. Which seams good.

    I’ve used bike stands but never got round to buying one. Such a breath of fresh air working on bikes with it.

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    Is that dog cytech qualified?


    Fantastic piece of kit, had mine for years. Recently the pin on the clamp handle fell out so I called EBC to see if I could buy another. They sent me out the new parts for free! Excellent service.


    I got the same one off Ribble, few quid cheaper too. works well.

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    I bought mine second hand from here. Agree with the toppling over comment but if you’re aware of it it isn’t an issue.

    For the money it is a great bit of kit and I have spent many a happy hour fettling over the family bikes with it.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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