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  • Revolution race trousers- anybody got em?
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    I need some trousers for the winter and I was thinking of getting some thing like these. Anybody here got any experience of them? I’m a shorts-all-year-round type of bloke normally, but my old knees have only just warmed up after the blasting the wind and rain gave them yesterday.
    If I was to wear trousers , ordinarily it would be issue combats. How does the fit compare to these fancy revolution race things? Do they dry quick? Do they stretch? Just looking for some anecdotal advice really.
    Or, are they dogshit and should be given a wide swerve?

    Premier Icon sgn23
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    I’ve been eyeing them for a while as they look really good spec. Reviews are good but mostly in foreign languages. Free returns so might be worth a punt. PSA they did big Black Friday discounts last year, so worth waiting a few weeks if you can.

    Premier Icon willard
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    Yeah, have a pair. They are super-popular over here in Sweden (Obvs) and are a decent fit. I am stupidly tall, so find them a little on the short side, but they are great for working in the forest and general hiking.

    I find the front belt loops a little too far apart (a small thing, but the Montane Terra trousers I have are perfect for me) and the front pockets took some getting used to, but they are comfy and reasonable in price.

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    I think wolfgirl on insta is sponsored by them (possibly) but I have to admit never see her wearing them it’s always the IXS ones who she’s also sponsored by…

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