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  • Review | SILT Carbon AM 29, strong, light and cheap?
  • singletrackandi
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    “Strong, light, cheap: pick two” is the phrase that is often punted around, but has SILT managed to tick off all 3 with the new SILT AM Carbon wheels? …

    By singletrackandi

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    Thats a nice bike

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    I suspect the D-Light spokes have a lot to do with the ride feel and will help keep the weight down. Are they brass or alloy nipples?

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    I’d hope an £800 wheel set was light and strong!

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    Ratchet system sounds a bit like the dt swiss Hugi system? No bad thing!

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    The overall low weight of the wheels is an advantage too and in fact, the SILT AM wheels roll along with as little effort as a pair of XC wheels might

    Rolling along is more about the rolling resistance of the tyres surely. They may pick up speed slightly quicker than a heavier wheel, but that’s a slightly different thing.

    Also, while I’m nit-picking, the whole point of the ‘strong, light, cheap – pick two’ Keith Bontrager, I think, thing, is that it saves you having to explain what it means at length. Besides, you actually seem to be saying that you can have all three? Except that £800 isn’t cheap? But it is, sort of?

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    Are Silt Scribe? Same hub internals, same price point, same spares backup.

    Edit: Ah ha!

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    Is 1750g regarded as light for a carbon AM wheelset?

    A good quality alloy wheelset such as DT Swiss XMC 1700 would be roughly the same (same cost as well), even with a 350 hub.

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