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  • mrblobby

    Looks a bit like my wingnut hyper, which is brilliant 🙂

    was about to buy the perennially popular mule from mud dock cycles in Bristol when the shopkeeper recommended this instead. In a nutshell, I wish I had got something else entirely. 

    The size and low position on the back is what attracted me to it  and this aspect is very good, as are the nicely positioned hip pockets. But the good stuff stuff stops there. The fabric is quite fragile and I’ve already ripped a pocket through in a small tumble. The buckles are also fragile and the chest strap buckle has snapped inexplicably. Then the bladder: it sits low in the pack and the plastic grab handle presses through the thin back fabric uncomfortably. And the bladder slightly but continually leaks through the main filler cap seal. 

    I’ll put my reliable old platypus bladder and hose in it until the pack completely falls to bits, most likely one of the feeble looking zips failing. Then i’ll get an evoc!

    Not suitable for mountain biking IMO . YMMV.



    I’ve had one a while now and don’t notice I’m wearing it. It’s survived a couple of minor crashes with no sign of damage, including one where I landed on it hard enough to break things inside. Oh, and no leaks yet either!

    Maybe I’ve been lucky 🙂


    If it constantly leaks send it back, camelbak bladders are warrantied
    I’ll fix chest buckle when your back from Scotland. No problem


    Only time I’ve had a leak through the seal is when the seal has deformed when you’ve screwed it shut. It’s just a simple matter of unscrewing and screwing back on. I check every time now. This used to happen on my Rogue and seems to happen more if you leave the top unscrewed between rides.

    Don’t have a problem with the handle digging in on mine but you’re right about the fabric it is thin. The Charge is though their lightweight pack. My wife has the normal Charge and it’s the same.

    Regardless, I think it’s worth putting up with for the one best feature – the ability to get to those side pockets without tying yourself in knots before giving up and taking the damned thing off to get to the pockets.

    Update after quite a lot of use. I’m still not really happy with the bag as an MTB bag – the fabric is now holed in several places to the extent that one of the pockets is barely usable, and the zips gone really stiff. I ditched the Camelback which I don’t trust, and put a Source bladder/hose in which is much better IMO.

    BTW. Ta to David for stitching in a new buckle – that bit is fine!

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    This may be the answer


    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    What you talking about homeboy? I’ve had my Charge LR for a few years and it’s awesome! Great for running too!


    I’ve only had my Charge LR a couple of rides so can’t comment on durability, but in terms of comfort, organisation, stability and ease of getting to stuff in hip pockets I’m loving it so far.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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