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  • Reverbs on a plane! (and other travel queries)
  • seavers

    I have never taken any air out of forks/shock. Isn’t Atmospheric pressure is 1 bar whether you are on the ground or at 30,000 ft?

    Have done the bike box and bike bag thing. Less faff with a bag. Got one for £80 and it’s going strong after 2 years. My mates ripped first trip. You never know how rough they will be treated I suppose. I always add stiff card around the expensive bits. Just take a shock pump if you take air out.

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Never bothered deflating anything… and it was all fine.

    Find bike bags massive for MTB’s… and limited if placed horizontal and then stuff piled on top of them.

    Bought a Bike Crate and it is a lght rigid box, less stripping down and easier rebuilds. Plus it will take some load if stuff is placed on it. And its smaller than a floppy bike bag.

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    You don’t need to deflate anything, even tyres.

    The pressure in your shock/fork/tyres/seatpost only goes up by a couple of psi on a plane. Even if you went to outer space and exposed it to a hard vacuum, pressure would only go up by less than 15psi.


    Cargo holds on commercial flight are pressurised are they not? In which case you have no worries with your forks or upy downy seat post. Unless you loose cabin pressure, in which case you’ll probably not be thinking “Oh no, I hope I can find the receipt for my reverb”.


    Evening all.

    Just got myself paid up for a week of singletrack bashing in Andorra! (stoked)
    since i took a bike on a plane last, things have changed a little bit, namely with the introduction of uppy downy seatposts!

    Considering a reverb is sprung by 200 psi, do we know if there are any issues with taking them on a plane?
    equally, if one does let it down just to be safe, are there any issues with getting it back up to pressure?

    How about forks and shocks? Hypothetically i was thinking i would let my float36s down, and compress the stantions into the lowers to make them smaller, and also protect the working surface from dings and scrapes. Could there be any issues with negative chambers going a bit wiggy if they are flown in a “compressed” position?


    Last time, i went with a well travelled cardboard bike box from my local bikeshed. I recently sold a frame in this box, and subsequently need to replace it.It was a pain in the arse around the airport with no proper handles let alone wheels, Worth investing in a bike bag? any suggestions or recommendations?
    anything to avoid.

    Cheers all!

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