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  • MoseyMTB

    Air pressure at 250?

    Checked the air valve at bottom? You could try adding air, one solution tried with mine.

    Mine is away getting fixed as air is leaking ( within 2 days). Air seals apparently can be a problem.

    Same with me, topped back upto 250 and works like New……then a few weeks later it sags a few mm’s and pressure is back down to 90psi

    will be sending back to loco when I get chance


    Left mine in the dropped position overnight on a trip away and got the same problem. Pumped it back to 250psi (it had dropped to 90psi), problem solved. If that doesn’t work sending it back is the next step.


    Mrs soaps Reverb has started to sag about 1/2″.
    I’ve bled the lever and then the whole system witch made no difference.
    Any ideas or is this a warranty issue.
    5 months old.


    OK Ill give that a go.
    Can I use a Fox shock pump with gauge or do I need a reveb pump.

    Soap yep that’s fine!

    I’m starting to wonder if it’s because it’s sometimes stored compressed? I sometimes have to due to space so could be a cause of the leak? Although a bizarre leak all the same


    I’m starting to wonder if it’s because it’s sometimes stored compressed? I sometimes have to due to space so could be a cause of the leak?

    Same here. Mine was fine till I put it in the car compressed after hearing on here people do it all the time. Last time I’m listening to you lot 👿

    Premier Icon alfabus

    I’ve noticed a bit of a correlation between over tightening the seat clamp and losing air…. not proven to any degree of scientific rigour, but I’ve noticed it on 2 of my reverbs now, so there might be something to it.


    Well mine has done it a few times jodafett, so I don’t think yours will be fine, I’ve topped mine up twice now so it seems like its just going to reoccur

    Still putting it back upto 250 psi does sort it out for a good while at least

    my mates got a spare seat post I can borrow, so now I’ve no excuse not to send it off

    Its not the clamp on mine, it only needs tightening to 2nm which feels like nothing using a torque wrench,I used to tighten my old clamp.up way more and no such issues


    My 2012 Reverb developed the 10mm sag issue after 6 months, was holding the 250psi pressure ok.
    Was sent back through retailer for warranty inspection, within a week I had a replacement Reverb.


    I’m not convinced its a storage thing.
    My Pitch has been stored with seatpost down after every ride for over a year with no ill effect.
    Will give Merlin a call tomorrow (if they answer the phone)


    Mine did that and needed a warranty repair. Came back, lasted another few months and the shaft is now seeping air where the valve screws in. Out of warranty now. Frustrated.


    After time the main air seal wears. If you store compressed it loads the seal up. Fine if seal is fresh, not so fine if it is worn. Just pump it up to 250psi and in the near future plan for a service. Store in up position.

    Well mine’s is only 3 months old just over from new, so can’t really be wear!

    well I hope not anyways

    Mine started to sag. Bled, pressured, re-bled, re-pressured. Still sagged. Then wouldn’t even go up or down. Sent it back and got a brand new replacement!

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