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  • Reverb Routing Canyon Nerve AM (or suspension design)
  • Use the cable tidy thingy at the top of the frame where the seatpost goes in.

    Use the cable clamps on the top tube to secure cable.

    mine’s never become trapped or looked like it will

    Thanks Piedi . I think thats what I have done. The reverb tie just below the quick release and the cable clamps along the top tube.

    My bike is a L so dont know if that changes things…..

    I have just got a Nerve AM and loving it. Only thing I cant figure out is how to stop the reverb cable getting caught between the rear suspension linkage and the seat tube when the reverb is down.

    Its fine when fully expanded but when I put the seat all the way down the cable will often get stuck.

    I’ve tried shortening the cable as much as I can but still have the problem

    Any ideas?


    I recently purchased a Nerve AM 8.0X and had the same issue. When the seat post was compressed, the cable stuck right out in the way, so I played around with routing the cable and found a perfect fit; try routing the cable from under the top tube out to the left side (when looking from above), then up over the top tube to the right-hand side and then around the back of the seat post and up into the reverb cable tidy thing which I put on the left-hand side, in-line with the seat post barb and cable-tied it to the reverb itself (just below the silver bit).

    When the post is extended fully, the cable isn’t too tight (some cable rub patches strategically placed is a good idea!), and when dropped, the cable hardly sticks out at all!

    Hope this makes sense…

    Thanks Badadvert – will give it a go. Was worried that wrapping it around the seatpost would cause problems….but fingers crossed it might solve mine!

    Now….if only I hadnt managed to somehow round off the bolt fixing the lever to the bars – man it was fragile. Rounded it off with 2 fingers on the allen key…..

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    You haven’t rounded the bolt, it’s a Torx screw.

    My reverb hose drops into the gap between the seat tube and the pivot arm when the seat goes down. I have checked several times but I can’t see this being a problem.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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