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  • Reverb returning too fast?
  • Just live with it- it’s fine. I prefer mine returning really quickly because it means that you don’t have to stand, waiting for it to pop up.


    it returns stupidly quickly

    which is a proper PITA.

    I’ll bet it is!

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Don’t fully press the button? Or stay sat on it, and use your weight to limit the speed?


    OK, problem solved.

    A wee bit too much oil in it. Undid the bleed screw on the lever and a drop or 2 spurted out, and it’s now behaving as I would expect it to.



    So the missus bought one of the Planet X Reverbs from the PSA last week.

    Just come to fit it (typical, 7.30pm the day before a ride), and it returns stupidly quickly – way faster than my (8 month old) one; and with a hell of a bang. I’m not sure if the speed control is working – it might be slowing things down fractionally, but at it’s slowest it could still launch you into orbit….

    Google has loads of stuff about slow Reverbs but not about overly fast ones.

    Air pressure is about right – 220psi.

    If it’s a simple fix, then I’ll crack on, but other wise it’ll have to go back, which is a proper PITA.

    Any ideas?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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