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  • Reverb + crash = question
  • Not the answer to your question – but are you sure you’ll need it in the Alps?


    Haveing mistaken a double for a single I ended up sticking the Uppy Downy lever in my leg (Ouch).

    The post was down, so its still down and I was able to continue my day of fun. But for future reference, what is the defaul position should I break it again but with the seat up ?

    If I let the air out will it go down ?

    The reason I ask is that im off to the Alps and if I should break the lever again I want to know how to get it in the down position without the lever.


    Well actually I will use it for the Passports event which is a bit more up/down, after that its all post down as you would expect.

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    First you need to remove that lever from your leg. Worry about the seatpost after


    Ha ha, good point.

    Even though it was tucked away under the bars I still managed to impale myself on it.

    Not too bad though, ive had it more than a year and fallen off pretty much every other ride 🙂

    No worries, just thought it might be worth asking. And this IS STW 🙂

    In answer to your question, I don’t know for certain but I’m pretty sure I’ve read of people who have had to add air before it will extend properly. Which would suggest that it *should* drop. But I guess there’s no way to be sure without trying.

    Maybe take some zip ties to hold it down, it might be “springy” if that makes sense?

    From what I understand from the exploded diagrams and drawings of how it works:

    It’s locked in place by 2 hydraulic circuits – one for lever, one for locking. The lever opens a valve and the valve allows oil in the lock circuit to flow.

    Air pressure is just to extend the post when the hydraulics are activated.

    Letting the air out will not affect the position, just the ability to self extend.

    If you pull the post up it will extend as the oil will over come the valve.

    So, I think if you loose the ability to activate the valve you can extend but not compress.

    Just make sure you crash when it’s down and use the seat collar adjust if you need it higher.


    OK, well I guess if I do bust it while out there all I have to do is get down the hill and ditch it for my back up normal post.

    I could even remove the whole thing and stick it in my camel back just to get down. In the Alps it will be lowered the whole time.


    Stick a cheep £10 seatpost in your bag just in case? worst case you have to ride down to the challet and swap posts.

    Thats what I did when I went on a downhill holliday, I was initaly considdering swapping it completely to avoid any risk of damage (and save half a lb), but was too lazy.


    Good point. Ive got the original Thompson one just in case. We are driving over in a van, so it will be full of spares.

    I may well swop it, as once Ive done the PPDS day I really wont need it and dont wont the hose ripped off on one of those lifts. They can be a bit ham fisted.

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