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  • ChunkyMTB

    Right psi?


    Have you checked the air pressure with a shock pump? It should be 250 psi, the valve is on the bottom of the post. mine came (new) with about 160 and was just a little slow, but usable. Might be the cause?

    It’s true about the seat clamp tightness but you should be able to find a balance I think. Have read people suggesting fiction/assembly paste although I haven’t needed any myself so can’t comment.


    have you searched? It’s well known and one remedy is use some carbon assembly paste as I’m sure it’s mentioned in the reverb manual:

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Have you turned the speed adjuster on the button? Friction paste and a bolt up clamp. Then look at the air after that a service may be in order.

    Use carbon assembly paste on the post/seatube to increase the friction between the two. The seat clamp really has to be just nipped up, if you overtighten it all you’re doing is wearing the insides of the post out jamming them together.

    That and give it a bleed and check the air pressure.

    If all that fails set it 5mm too high in the frame, wrap a few turns of electrical tape round it, and it’ll sink down and jam.

    And get some stanchion lube and spray on the post after each ride to keep it slick.

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    Good suggestions, thank you. I will check the psi before grumbling further and I’ve got some carbon that I might try . What should the PSI be?

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    I see now, 250 psi.


    250 psi, think it says it on the bottom of the post as well…which is handy as I can’t find my manual!

    I’ve got some carbon that I might try .

    I’ve images of you using graphite now, to be clear it’s a very thin grease with solid bits in it which increase friction when clamped lightly. Not graphite powder :p

    Finish line fiber grip
    Morgan blue carbon
    Tacx carbon assembly compound
    Park SAC-2


    you can control the speed of the reverb with the switch near the remote. maybe thats on the lowest position. try turning it up to see if it speeds up.

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    I bought a reverb from here and even on the fastest setting it is deadly slow at returning to full height. The guy I bought it from told me (after he’d posted it) if you over-tighten the seatclamp it prevents the seat returning to the normal height at all, however, if I don’t tighten it enough the post slips down the frame. I have found a balance between tightness of clamp and speed of return but it is deadly slow.

    Is this a common problem? Would you accept this?


    Premier Icon slowboydickie

    TINAS – I have some paste for fitting bike bits to carbon. I will try all these things. Thanks again.


    As others have said:-

    1. Use fibre paste
    2. Check psi.

    If those have no effect then it could be the post was bled with the speed dial on the fastest setting. The last stage of the correct bleed procedure is to bleed with the speed dial on its slowest setting. If this is not done then you will get a very slow return when you turn the dial to the fastest setting.

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