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  • Reverb AXS clamp height
  • Premier Icon clubby

    Anyone know how the new design clamp on the AXS compares stack height wise to the old twin bolt design?
    Fancy an AXS to match my gears, but not sure if I can also go up a drop length or not. Currently on a 125mm and have about 30mm between seat clamp and bottom of collar.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Not an exact answer to your question I know, but when I was looking at a 150mm drop version on eBay the seller told me that it measured “231mm from the bottom of the saddle rails (at the centre of the clamp) to the lowest feasible point of frame insertion”.
    I guess you could use that info to see if the 150mm will fit.

    Premier Icon ta11pau1

    This is the 150mm axs version, you’ll find the dimension drawings on most droppers with a bit of googling.

    Length (A): 440 mm (when extended)
    Adjustment range (B): 150 mm, stepless
    Minimum insertion depth (C): 105 mm (including valve / control)
    minute possible usable height (D): 210 mm
    Max. possible effective height (E): 350 mm (upper edge of saddle clamp to lower edge of saddle frame)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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