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  • Returning to Sheffeild (mid week group rides??)
  • After 3 years in the lincs wilderness I am returning to Sheff, will be living in crookes and was wondering if there are any groups that set off for mid week rides from around that area?


    No official ones from up there but there are lots of cyclists up that way

    The bike tree used to do mid week rides but not sure if they still do

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    Bike tree still do mid week rides, loads of riders live up there and a good chunk post and lounge on here. Post up a thread once you’re moved and settled and I’m sure you’ll find.folk to tag along with.

    I’m aware of the the bike tree ride, I’ll keep me eyes on the forum.


    Pook knows a lot of local stuff/would be good to contact/hook up with

    OK I’m in settled and up for some local knowledge sharing out of Crookes.

    Went out yesterday for some exploration.
    Rode through Bolehills Park, out of the bottom down a bit of sinlgletrack which came out TinkerLane.

    Road Up st Anthony Road then Down Bridleway on Right.

    Past the Allotments then down through the woods (just following instinct here)to come out on Rivelin Valley Road.

    Along Road to Rallis road then across a short Bridleway to Join A57.

    Straight across road to join a permissible bridle way which eventually came out on Lodge Lane (The memories of Riding up this road years ago where apparently still in my legs!)

    At this point I decided not to venture further out towards Fox Hag and followed the road to the top.

    Left onto Redmires to Coldwell Lane, along the A57 back to Crookes.

    If the footpath on the left side of rivelin and the Hallamshire Golf course where both Bridleways the above would be a great little blast.

    Overall the short ride put a massive smile on my face as some of the local singletrack around here is excellent.
    and I get the feeling there is more to be had.

    If anyone could help to extend this route, or even better show me some local treats it would be greatly appreciated.



    I’m self employed so can do mid week stuff. Not the most clued up on the stuff around Rivelin (tend to just use it as a route out into the Peak) but if you ever fancy having a run round Wharncliffe I’d be happy to show you a decent loop in there.

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    Theres quite a few interesting BWs on the South side of Rivelin valley (and a bit of cheeky stuff too), meaning that from Crookes you can get out to Stanage with only minimal use of roads. Or alternatively you can just drop in to the valley and head towards Hillsborough on-route to Wharncliffe/Greno. And despite living at Hunters Bar for 20 years, I’ve only just discovered some of them – it’s well worth exploring.

    After going through the allotments and crossing Hagg Hill, you probably went straight over at the first junction, but a bridleway crosses there that is both a challenging climb and a fun descent. If you go left there are a couple of options to get you up to Crosspool. Theres an excellant (quite technical) descent there from near the top of Hagg Lane (BW).

    On the other side of Manchester Road is Coppice Road(easy), but that links up with that permissive BW that takes you most of the way up Lodge Lane. From the bend on that road are two BWs (and a third linking the two) heading west to meet a newly redesignated BW down to Rivelin Dam. A bit muddy at the moment, but rideable.

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    Welcome back to the greatest city on Earth. Second Greno / Wharncliffe to check out.

    I must explore the Rivelin tracks also I think – easy riding distance for me so thanks CTT for the tip…


    Danny B


    You missed loads but I’d prefer not to advertise it on a public forum as it’s being over ridden at the moment and deteriorating fast.

    Thanks all for the pointers, I’m familiar with Wharncliffe and Greno as I used to live Hillsborough way once.

    I’m really after a “from the doorstep ride” for midweek evenings or a cheeky blast when I have family commitments on the weekend and can’t get out to the peaks

    Cristhetall I did see some of the tails you mentioned and will check them out cheers.

    You can email me if you have any concerns Podge.

    Feels great to be back.

    Many thanks

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