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  • pitchpro2011

    No. Once opened your ****. You need to go down the missold route now.


    I think you can but it nedds a proper reason…and within a time period…


    Hi, my wife is on vodafone, and on Wednesday she went to the vodafone store to get an upgrade (think it was a month or 2 early but they seem to do it early as standard now)
    Anyhow, my wife just asked for the latest/best handset and wasn’t really interested in using it as her intention was to sell it off and stay with her old iPhone 3GS. Well, as she left store the guy said that her current sim would stop working later in the day and the new phone would start to work. With this she panicked as she didn’t want to be without phone and started to use the new phone! Now here is the problem, she has gone off the idea of selling the new phone as when she removed the old iphone from case it revealed a big crack in the back of it, so she wants the upgrade now, however, she hates the phone they have given her (Nokia lumia) I’m sure she has seven days to change her mind but does this count for in store upgrades? Could she just go back to how she was with her old phone and still be “due an upgrade” as we have seen an iphone 5 (the phone I have and what she wants now) in car phone warehouse for free on a similar price plan to what she is on, whereas vodafone will charge for the handset!

    Normally she would probably have got it straight from voda for the ease of the swap but as she is a long way into maternity leave and money is tight at the mo she doesn’t want to have to pay for handset if she can get it free up the road!

    Hope that made sense to you


    7 day cooling off period?

    Slippery bug%ers Vodafone. I returned a SIM only deal which failed to track the £130 cash back through Quidco.

    I rang up on day 3 and cancelled and they promised to send out an SAE to collect the SIM. Chased on day 7 to be told the SAE was on its way but if it didn’t arrive by tomorrow come back online again.

    No SAE on day 8 so I went back online to be told that we can cancel that now for you, you don’t need an SAE, and you owe us £20.50 as it’s now day 8. I blew a fuse. Didn’t have to pay, in the end, but they were adamant that I had to because I had failed to cancel it within the 7 days. Even had a recorded conversation on day 7 which they tried to claim was connected with my direct debit and had resulted in my direct debit being cancelled not the contract.

    ” I spoke to someone in returns on Sunday and cancelled my SIM only deal. I was told an SAE would be sent out to me so I can return the SIM but I have not yet received it……. “(Where does direct debit come into this??)

    Spent the best part of 60mins on the phone to them. Unbelievably and a bit of a scam…. so be aware when you go through the process.


    Thanks, well we are going to try and return it today, when wear earphone the lumia can be put side by side with my iphone 5 and whilst I have a couple of bars the lumia has nothing! There was no way she could tell this in the shop so going to use that as the main reason and see what happens! Hopefully they will just cancel the upgrade and take it back without fuss


    So , in a nutshell, wifey gets the upgrade, so she can sell it on
    Finds that she has broken her current one
    So now doesn’t want to sell it on, but doesn’t like the phone?

    Isn’t that her fault – not vodaphones?
    No doubt they will take it back – but wouldn’t a little planning next time be useful?

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    The standard contract T&C’s tend you have seven days to change your mind **if** you haven’t started using the service.

    You could try kicking up a bit of a fuss and they may bend the rules. read the T&C’s and see what they say and take it from there.

    I would suggest your wife gives the Lumia a chance though. They grow on you. Yes, moving fro an iPhone to WinPho 8 will take a bit of getting used to but after a week or so I would be willing to suggest she may not want to go back.


    Danny B

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