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  • When Marin first came out with the Mount Vision I was sponsored by a shop in Taunton so I got given one as my race bike.
    I used it a few times and hated it so much I had to give it back and go back to an old school Orange P7.


    Well, he likes it a bit more now…

    Upgrades are the 2.4 Nobby Nics, Havoc stem, EA50 monkey bars, Ergon grips, BB7 front brake and Thomson Elite saddle. £300 including the bike purchase. Looking for a new set of wheels (Rim and Disk compatible please), as the front is borrowed from his hardtail and the rear is off the tandem! (Back wheel was buckled too much to fit the tyres). Next upgrades are likely to be the fork and rear shock, and repaint the swingarm black.

    I think it was the tyres that did it 8) . Thanks all.

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    That’s looking really nice now (owner of two Marin bikes) 8)


    You should be able to get a rear shock cheap enough, its a standard 6.5″ x 1.5″ (or 165mm if your metric). Youll need to factor in a set of bushings too for whatever you buy, unless you strike lucky and find a shock off a marin, so add another £20 for those. Personally for him id suggest you look for a coil shock like a Fox vanilla r, but in that length a Fox Float will easier and cheaper to source from ebay.

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    Good work, there’s some snobbery up there, glad he likes it. It’s not like bikes suddenly got rubbish.

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    Ace old tool – I remember them well. I rode a Sub5 and MV one weekend and was a total convert…

    I used to have one too! A 1999. Again, forks changed for some Marzocchi Z2’s. Did loads of riding on it all over the UK and the Alps. Great bikes! Theres not many bikes from the 90’s still being ridden, especially full-sus ones, which says a lot i think.

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    My first full suss was one of the early rift zones and loved it, apart from the forks as mentioned above. It was great at climbing up muddy tracks the suspension really used to dig in for traction in granny when mates on hardtails were getting of and walking 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 46 through 53 (of 53 total)

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