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  • resurrecting marta brakes
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    My Marta SLs have cracked on the right hand mount – I’m looking for the cheapest way to resurrect the brakes as it’s for an old 26″ bike that will eventually be replaced once the forks/wheels/drivetrain go terminal….
    so does anyone know please?
    1. if I did manage to get hold of a set of alu marta levers are the internals compatible if those were in a not good state? I’m assuming they are probably identical. I’m also assuming this might be as likely as a lottery win when you don’t buy a ticket…. so
    2. has anyone used any alternative magura levers with the marta calipers?
    3. looks like I’m not the only one who wondered if Shimano levers might work as theres a couple of posts/articles out there – has anyone tried it though and is it easy swap?

    I’ve had a look on ebay etc. to just get a replacement set of brakes but not surprised at some of the high priced but not that good stuff out there (or perhaps I’m too picky…)

    Premier Icon qwerty
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    I’ve used old Louise levers with Marta calipers, worked a treat. I’d give Shimano levers a go. Marta levers in aluminium used to retail at £75 each. Let me rummage in the garage, I did have some bits but may have cleared them out, if I find anything I’ll direct message you.

    Premier Icon jd13m
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    thanks qwerty that’s good to know, hadn’t thought about the louises

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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