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  • Resource Planning systems, anybody here…..
  • Know anything about them/work for a vendor?

    Looking at scheduling of various different entity types with complex relationships between them, forecasting, planning, reporting, traceability, impact analysis, scorecards/KPI’s.

    Searching for ERP is hopeless as I need about 1% of most companies product offerings.

    Long shot I know.


    Not my area of expertise at all, but the company I work for is a business partner for a major vendor dealing with workforce planning. My email is in my profile if you want me to pass on some details.

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    If the business is big enough someone like SAP could produce something tailored I’m sure.
    If the business isn’t big enough, then you need to think about which bits are the most important and which would be nice to have, or could be cobbled together in a different way.

    Having a look at something like Zoho may help think about which bits are most important.

    My job is project planning which involves a lot of resource management – not sure if this would be the same thing as what you’re looking into, we are about to put in a new system for project planning integrated with resource planning, timesheeting etc.

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    This lot might be worth a call. A bit more small-to-medium business than SAP.

    Thanks guys, will look at those links in more detail in a bit.

    It’s not ERP as a whole though, its resource planning and optimization, rather than financial, CRM, or warehousing that I’m after.


    Verint are the folk that my work partner with.

    Thank you MrGrim, one of those looks potentially interesting.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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