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  • Resoling 5:10s
  • pipiom
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    Does anyone know of any companies that still do this please?
    I have used ‘Feet First’ I think the name was, but can’t find them online anymore.

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    The issue was that Adidas wouldn’t sell the dot rubber anymore.


    Approach Shoes

    Feet first are below but I remember I had the last dot rubber they had but may have other options as it was awhile ago.

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    Hardly seems worth it given you can pick a new pair of freeriders up for 70 pounds

    Five Ten FreeRider Mens MTB Cycling Shoes – Grey

    I’d be willing to bet it costs that or more to resole them.

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    They have black a little cheaper, about £60 delivered with discount code. As much as I like to fix things this has got to be close to resole which may or may not be successful.

    Five Ten FreeRider Mens MTB Cycling Shoes – Black £61.90
    EXTRA10 (-£6.19) £55.71 + £4.95 delivery = £60.66

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    Just buy new ones in the sales , I remember years ago when Timberlands were still really good I resoled mine for about £60 . The quality dropped like 5.10 and it seems easier just to buy new and keep the old ones as spares for bad weather .

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    I’ve just glued up the sole of my Trailcross’s with Compset 121 Gel. It’s a 2 part glue with high flexibility. Got it form a fibreglass shop.
    So far so good, makes the sole even grippier than before. Maybe put it on a bit too thick. Have to see how long it lasts.

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    I actually just had my freerider pros resoled by cheshire shoe repairs ( It cost £47-£49 including return postage, and I did it partly to reduce waste as the uppers were in good nick and also because freeriders pros are never anywhere near that cheap (freeriders and freerider pros are worlds apart IMO).

    No one can seem to get hold of 5.10 dotty rubber so I had vibram idrogrip fitted and it’s extremely grippy. I’ve only been on a couple of rides with them now though so can’t comment on durablity yet.

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    Cheers guys. Finally contacted them, and it would appear that my precious 5:10 Tennie boots can’t be resoled. They serve a specific purpose for me (late summer/autumn riding, due to blood flow issues)
    I’ll just ride em until either they, or I, finally fall apart.
    Thanks for the help

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