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  • Resizing a load of digital photos in one go, possible?
  • Is there a program or piece of software already on pc's that can resize lots of digital photo images in one go, if so what is it and how do you do it? Want to upload a lot of images into some albums but want to reduce the file size to upload quicker and they don't need to be the original size. If I do one I usually resize it in photoshop and save it as another file rather than lose the original but it's a right faff to do that to a 100 or so, what can I do? Ideally just copy the one's I want, resize all of those and upload those … how?

    Thanks 😕


    i've used automator on mac to do it

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    batch tools in photoshop/bridge does it.


    I think you can do batch editing with Picasa, and it's free.


    Microsoft office picture manager – select all the photos (rather than just one at a time), then edit, then compress to the size you want. I'd been doing it one at a time for ages before I sussed that one out!


    vso image resizer, i regularly resize 1000+ photo's with it.

    Its Free from

    Just right click and select resize on the files you need resizing


    irfanview is free and has a batch resizer.


    In photoshop, go to File > Scripts > Image Processor.

    Select the folder you want to resize – it doesn't affect the original images…. Then select the folder you want them saved to and the size you'd like them to be. If you tick the 'Resize to Fit' box, and enter the same value in the 'W' (width) and 'H' (Height) box (say, 800 pixels for web use) it'll make the longest edge on portraits and landscapes the same.

    Set it away, and go get a beer.

    If I'm using the images online, I usually then run an action on my new folder changing the resolution to 72 dpi.

    Great tool! (not you). 🙂


    I use Thumbs+

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    It can be done using Microsoft Office Picture Manager, just edit, CtRL + A then select size required, easy


    There's a free Microsoft Powertoy that does exactly what you want.


    FastStone photo resizer. It will add borders, watermarks etc too.

    don simon

    I used to use irfanview, but it somehow distorted or damaged the pixels giving a strange look to the pictures. After a recommendation from Simonfbarnes, I have been using Faststone which is perfect.

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    Get a list of the pics.
    Click edit, then "Select all".
    Right click on first picture, choose resize, choose size you want.
    This resizes and renames all the pictures.
    You can then delete old pictures if you wish.
    you can mass rename in same way.

    Wow, thanks for all the advice everyone 😀

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    Free, fast and good.

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