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  • devash

    Both products are great. Graingers slightly takes the lead for me though. Here’s the process I use to wash my Goretex kit;

    1. Run your washing machine empty on a hot cycle (60-90 degrees) to clean out any residue. Make sure there’s no powder / softner residue in the drawer.

    2. Wash jacket following the instructions on the packet. Set your machine to do an extra rinse if it has this option.

    3. Allow the jacket to drip – dry.

    4. Once dry, put in the tumble dryer on high for 10-15 mins. This extra heat reactivates the protective coating which stops water from soaking the material covering the Goretex membrane stopping it from working.


    I use the Nikwax stuff that you just put in the washing machine with the jacket, then there is a second product that does the re-proofing. Theyre usally sold as a pair, “Tech Wash” and “Wash In”

    Premier Icon simmy

    I can’t remember exactly which jacket I have but I have been wearing it for ages both on the bike and out with the dogs etc but got soaked through this morning.

    Guessing it needs reproofing. I’ve Googled it and found recommendations of Nixwax and Graingers so just wondered if anyone has any real world experience of using these products, or if there is anything else I could use ?



    if you dont have a drier, iron it on cool. (1 dot) ** NO STEAM **

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    My Event jacket suggests two dots and steam.

    Wash in reproofing is easier to use than spray on but it also coats the inside of the jacket which stops most breathability for the first few wears until it wears off.

    Also – it’s not ‘reproofing’. Gore-tex is waterproof because of a waterproof membrane inside the jacket. The outer layer of the jacket is not waterproof, but it needs a water repellent coating to stop it soaking up water. This coating (DWR) is what you need to replenish. If you don’t, your jacket is still waterproof, but it won’t feel like it because it’ll get cold where the sodden fabric is touching your body, and it won’t be breathable becaues the sweat vapour can’t get out through waterlogged fabric. So it feels cold and wet, but it’s not leaking.

    I just did 5 garments using both Graingers and Nikwax spray on. Graingers was less smelly, less sticky and nicer to use.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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